This Beyotch Is Cray Cray: Woman Runs Over Her Ex-Boo’s New Girl With Her Car, Dragging Her For Several Yards!

- By Bossip Staff

Meet Alexius Keys… She’s an angry bird from Chi-town who definitely needs to have her keys taken away. Breaking up is hard to do for all of us, but this woman took it to a whole new level.

Via NYDaily News reports:

A crazed Chicago woman ran over her ex-boyfriend’s new lover in her car, cops claim.

Jealousy allegedly got the better of Alexius Keys, 20, who is accused of dragging the woman under her vehicle for several yards.

Her alleged victim was left with a broken arm, back fractures, a bruised lung and several broken ribs.

Large amounts of skin were scraped from her lower back and behind.

Keys, of Matteson, Ill., allegedly turned up at her ex’s Park Forest home at 6 p.m. Thursday.

Seeing the new lovers together in a car, she rear-ended the vehicle, police say. When the couple got out, she drove in reverse across the lawn and hit the woman.

Cops were called, and Keys was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The Chicago Tribune reports that she collapsed during her bond hearing Sunday and was escorted out as she pleaded with family members to forgive her.

Damn son, she skinned her cakes!

SMH. Not only do you have to be careful about who you date, ya also gotta watch your back for the people THEY dated!

Poor thang. We hope the new boo heals up nicely and Alexius gets some anger management for that azz.

Cook County Sheriff’s Department

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