Ultimate Come-Up: Irrelevant Men Made Famous By Celebrity Women

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Most men are too prideful to live in a famous boo’s shadow unlike the unknowns-turned-celebrity beaus on this list. Some more established before the fame than others, it’s always entertaining to watch high-profile relationships between A-List women + Z-List men unfold.

Here are eleven irrelevant, widely-unknown or Z-List men who came-up after smashing famous women. Take a look.

Jay Electronica

The incredibly-talented yet tragically-lazy rapper was homeless for years before knocking up Erykah Badu then moving on to British Heiress Kate Rothschild (worth over $300 million) who recently was cleared to marry him. He won.

Stedman Graham

Oprah’s boo thang of 27-years is paid to exist when she needs him to. Greatest life ever.


Before Clifford Harris was T.I.—Kang of the South, he was a struggling Rap nobody put on by his wife Tiny at the height of Xscape’s success.

David Otunga

He’ll probably always be known as “Jennifer Hudson’s fiance” or “Punk from I Love New York 2.” Life’s not fair.

Kevin Federline

The “You Got Served” extra-turned-famous freeloader knocked up Britney Spears TWICE and blew her money on value combos, Gummi bears and snack cakes. Ultimate come-up.

Jermaine Dupri

The gnome-sized mogul rose to global stardom after somehow bagging legendary whispersetto Queen Janet Jackson who enhanced his already solid brand.

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    Kris Humphries

    No one knew who the Lurch-faced Brooklyn Nets forward was before Kimmy K. shamelessly used him to prove that her box wasn’t completely-worthless. Now he’s famous and somewhat viable.

    Antwaun Cook

    The former T-Mobile sales associate is famous for knocking up pre-literate Fantasia and using her while married. No dirtbag greater.


    Everyone’s favorite raisin-faced crooner has three kids by Heidi Klum. In most minds, he won the game of life.

    Cris Judd

    “American actor and choreographer known for his brief marriage to Jennifer Lopez” – Wikipedia.

    Jordan Bratman

    The rodent-faced “music marketer” charmed and knocked up Christina Aguilera before their inevitable split. To many, he won.

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