Out Of Bounds: 9 Burning Questions About All This Gay Athlete Stuff

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9 Questions About The Jason Collins Situation

So the sports world was sent into a tailspin over the last couple of days as Jason Collins became the first major sports athlete to come out as gay. The responses have been intense but we don’t have all the answers.

So we have these nine burning questions we have to get off of our chests.

Take a look and see if you have any answers.

Who’s Next? – Collins apparently opened the flood gates, so athletes coming out is going to be common, right? Well, who’s next? Or will it take time for others to come out?

Is Chris Broussard A Bad Guy? – Broussard went on ESPN and spoke his beliefs that you’re in rebellion against God if you’re gay. Unpopular? Yes. Controversial? Yes. But they’re his beliefs. Do you really think he should be fired?

What about Carolyn? – Collins had a fiance named Carolyn Moos who was with him for eight years while he was in the closet. This poor girl had no clue? Damn.

So Is He A Hero? – Do you feel any differently about Jason knowing he played that poor girl? We feel a bit weird about it.

When Will Athletes Learn? – Tons of athletes have been embarrassing themselves with tweets and shade. Nothing good will come of this. When will they learn to just shut up sometimes?

Jason’s twin brother, Jarron Collins.

How did his brother not know? – Buddy has a twin brother who had no clue. For real? Jason must be a top actor.

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    What About The Ladies? – Women have been coming out for 30 years, but it’s been ignored for the most part. Aren’t they brave, too?

    Is Collins Getting Signed? – Jason Collins is a 34-year-old third-string center and a free agent. He’s probably not going to be on a team next season. So will people try to blame it on him coming out?

    How Does Kerry Rhodes Feel? – Does he wish he just went ahead and came out then? Or does he feel more comfortable? If he’d come out he might be a hero now. Either way, we wonder how he’s reacting.

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