The Fake Biggie Kicked in The Door and Beat Up His Wife

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Jamal Woolard is going to court in a few days for allegedly beating down his wife in September:

Court records show Jamal Woolard was arrested and charged back on September 14 with misdemeanor assault, menacing, and harassment after an alleged altercation with his wife, Trina Younger. Woolard is due to appear in court on the charges January 29 — and his mom-in-law, who lives with the couple, says the alleged incident is “impossible.” Before he became the faux-torious Biggie, Woolard was best known for being shot in the butt outside Hot 97 in New York.

Damn, this fool really does think he is B.I.G.. We wonder if his wife looks like Faith and what the hell he got shot in booty for in front of Hot 97 back in the day.


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  • um...


  • charlieblanko

    Damn this fool is not biggie!!!
    I bet he raps too…smh

  • um...

    ooh shoot son, im first! lol–i really dont have much to say about this post–just came in becuz no one else posted yet–lataz

  • um...

    hey charlieblank– i heard he do rap but not sure if its tru( a rumor i heard)

  • anie

    how embarassing…. now all this will be in his record and he will never get far… wtf some people never learn from others. i mean go get help.

  • Oh Well


  • Marquis de Sade

    Oh hell, that was just “THUG LOVE”. The missus probably enjoyed it. “GUUURRRL, YOU SEE HOW MUCH MY NIGGA LUUUVVVS ME?” Y’all sistas’ know y’all like it thuggish ruggish. In y’all eyes, it’s called foreplay.

  • nika

    Man this kid is a f*cking LOSER!! And I bet his ghetto ass loser wife is stupid enough to stay with him too…she will get hit again, and it will be her own damn fault for staying with this LOSER.

    Dude gets ONE movie role and thinks hes a effin movie star..I guarantee this dumb ni*ga will NEVER have another movie role again..and I heard a clip of his lameass rapping skills..dude can NOT rap, and def. wont have a career in that either.

    I guarantee he will blow all the $$ he made on Notorious on drugs, “bling”, and cars. He will be dead broke by next year.


  • Princessblackbabi

    LOL *agrees with nika*
    this guys is retarded..and not a movie star lol.

  • shannon


  • jrsygirl

    “kick in the door, wavin the .44, all you heard was Papa don’t hit me no more”…

  • Minniemuu

    WOW thats crazy. First he got shot in the butt and now this?!? What is the world coming to. LMAO

  • Black Beauty

    “Kick in the door, pull out the 44, all you heard was, “Poppa don’t hit me no more.” This fool studied a little to hard for his role. lol and smh

  • Black Beauty

    Damn, homeboy studied a little too hard for his role. smh

  • ava unknown

    umm, this movie isn’t about to make him an oscar worthy actor, and shame at his mother-in-law allowing her daughter to be beat. is he ike now?

  • Rokjewelz

    lol i didn’t know that was Graavy lol.

  • Mz.Dany~Gyrl

    AWWW! BOSSIP! Don’t be HATERS all ya LYFE!

  • Princessblackbabi


    Sooo because some ghetto loser HITS A WOMAN….Bossip is a hater for posting it?

    wtf is wrong with you? are you really THAT ghetto and ignorant??
    Dumb ass hoodrat…

  • ya'll lames

    wow you guys are lames… he been had a rap career for years how you think he came up for that movie… yall ever hear of the come up dvd thats his with dude fendi… for a hip hop blog you guys dont really no much about hip hop, gravy(his rap name) been doin his thing corn balls

  • Miss Nuby

    I agree this sh!t ain’t right what he did….but I did see the movie and I must admit…he made me feel like I was watching the real B.I.G! But he needs to differentiate between the movie and reality….lol.

  • ms meca

    dang i guess he really think he biggie!!

    but i agree he did make me feel lik i was really watchin biggie!!!!!

  • No YOU are the "lame"

    ya’ll lames-

    Actually..its YOU that is lame for actually knowing who this wack ass wannabe rapper is!!!
    Get a life, get an something with yaself besides watching wack rap dvds


  • brownsugar


  • envyme

    yeah he rap his name is gravy he is with dirty money records

  • Mia

    Call me a lame, but I actually liked the movie. Not saying that he (or anyone else for that matter) is gonna win an Oscar, but it was a decent film. He really captured Big’s character (in a not as fat or ugly kinda way). I was digging the 3LW reject chic as Lil’ Kim too.

    Anywho…this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this story. It’s just blowing up now that he might be semi-famous. If it was any of our husbands beating us, it wouldn’t be newsworthy. Bossip’s premiere pics showed him and his wife together, so they obviously made up. Not saying that he should have beat her up, but I try to stay out of people’s personal business.

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