Hard Knock Life: 7 Reasons Blue Ivy’s Life Won’t Be As Easy As You Think

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7 Reasons Not To Be Jealous Of Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy seems to be headed to having the best life of any kid in the history of kid life. She’s the kid of the richest entertainers in the world. She gets to go on vacations. And she’s already more dignified than Keyshia Cole.

But things may not always be sunny for Blue. We have reason to believe her life won’t be perfect after all. Here’s why.

Beyonce concert

She Has To Live Up To Beyonce – If Blue Ivy doesn’t grow up to be at least almost as much of a looker as her mom, then she’s going to get all sorts of scrutiny.

Jay-Z, Beyonce and their baby daughter Blue Ivy arrive at Meurice Hotel in Paris, France

No Privacy – Just look at all the wildness of Michael Jackson’s kids. Blue Ivy might be worse.

Beyonce performs live in concert at the LG Arena in Birmingham

Beyonce Slander – Imagine growing up with people hating on your mom all the time. School’s gonna be rough.

Keyshia Cole performs at The Danforth Music Hall during her 'Woman to Woman Tour'.

Haters – You think you got haters? Not like Blue Ivy already has and will continue to have probably forever.

Sugarbabies: A List Of The Most Spoiled And Scandalous Sugar Daddy Having Slores Of All Time!!! (Part 2)

Superhead – Blue Ivy will probably read about her dad getting topped off by the biggest slore in the world. Traumatizing.


Too Much Money? – If you grow up too rich then how can you enjoy the good things that happen to you later? Yes, maybe Blue is too rich. Go figure.

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    Dating Life – Who the hell is going to date Blue Ivy? That’s going to be hell. Or at least you’d think so.

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    Exclusive - Beyonce & Jay-Z Spend Quality Time With Blue Ivy In New Orleans

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