Really? Worker At 7-Eleven Too Busy Stocking Shelves To Notice His Co-Worker Being Robbed

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You must really love your job to be that focused and not notice a robbery.

Busy Worker Doesn’t See Robbery

According to Mail Online

Surveillance cameras at a 7-Eleven not only filmed a robber holding up the store on Sunday night, but also show a shelf stacker so focused on his work that he fails to spot the heist occurring right behind his back.

The assailant went into the convenience store on Knapp Street in Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn at about 11:40 p.m. and walked up to the counter clerk with a case of Redbull and a roll of paper towels, police said.

He is seen in the video with a gun in his right hand aimed at the clerk, who begins to take cash from the register and put it into a black bag on the counter.

The worker then hands over some plastic bags for the suspect to place his stolen goods in.

All the while, another store employee is behind the man with the gun restocking items on a display apparently unaware that his co-worker has a gun pointed at him and is handing over the store’s takings. The robber then leaves the store.

NYPD are searching for a black male wearing a yellow/gold turban type head gear, brown jacket, blue jeans and brown sneakers.Check out the video here.

On some G s***, we understand how the worker was oblivious to the robbery. Sometimes when you work at a job you hate, you just concentrate on your work to get through your shift. Respect.


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