Go Ahead, Talk About The Cankles

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

The beautiful and talented Alicia Keys arrived at her hotel in London last night after visiting Italy. We’re definitely loving Alicia’s new “I’m a sophisticated woman, not a tomboy” look these days, but we’re still on the fence about those log legs. She still looks beautiful none-the-less…

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  • hummingbirdee

    She’s just a thick chick with big legs. I have some logs too.

  • MsDade305

    she has ugly ass legs.

  • http://www.gravatar.com I wonder

    She looks really nice………I love that coat

  • Kay

    I think she looks nice. She has shapely legs. Who wants legs that looks like baseball bats???????

  • http://www.gravatar.com I wonder


    U would be surprised at who does want legs like baseball bats…..

  • CubaLinda

    She looks ca-yute!!

  • Kim

    Loving the new look on her!

  • MaxB

    Her legs look fine. Stop being nitpicking babies.

  • Punda


  • http://www.myspace.com/godwell GODWELL

    Say what you want…


    Anyday, Anytime, Anywhere…

    She can GET IT!

  • http://www.myspace.com/godwell GODWELL

    I can tear down HOUSE NIGGS and COONS alllllll DAY!

    ALICIA, doesn’t deserve it and she gives back!

    Leave the good Blacks alone.

  • Ms. Keys

    She have some pretty legs She really do. I think she is pretty.

  • http://www.gravatar.com I wonder

    @Oh F@ck That!!!

    The only people who get “thick” mixed up with “fat” are the people who claim to be thick…..

  • smartie

    Um, Mary ? Don’t let me start about YOUR cankles and how YOU look in heels. Pigeon toed, knocked kneed with knees slightly bent so you don’t fall forward and walking like a gorilla in heels is not a good look. Please review the footage of you in any and all Divas Live appearances. Hell, go back further to your Real Love video looking like a walking X wearing knee pads to hide the “knock kneedness”. Then let’s discuss Alicia.

  • smartie

    Mary J.

    My sincerest apologies since I didn’t read your entire post. I’m a serious Alicia fan and I thought you were going at her so I had to stick up for my girl. Forgive me please !

    Love ya dearly, but not queerly…

  • weezy

    She probably got those legs from her mom. Why you people be stannin’ a Clive Davis contrived artist you don’t know that girl stop gettin’ all offended.

  • Lili

    She’s in that transitioning stage…it seems like the calves are always the last place to thin out. They look more sculpted than they used to, but you can see that with a lot of your fav celebs…they lose weight but the calves are the last place to go because you have to decrease the muscle. That’s hard to do when you’re focusing on working off some weight. I guess straight aerobics would be the way to go, but then you don’t get that muscle definition…Oh well. Alicia looks gorgeouso matter what.


    But “cankles”? Heck naw. If any of you remember where that term originated (I think, anyway), Shallow Hal, Gwenyth Paltrow’s character had some CANKLES.

  • NTM


  • John

    Alicia is beautiful, “Nough Said”!!!!

  • ray-j

    @I wonder

    Are you thick or fat?

  • John

    LOL @Notch”—-Painties in a bunch.—LMAO

  • http://jamesthornskatyisd.org cogic man

    Her legs are nice I LOVE THEM no man want a woman with legs that look more manly then his are like one person said baseball bats.

  • http://jamesthornskatyisd.org cogic man

    And she is no where near fat she is fine!

  • BishopButts

    I love Alicia!!!! Damn this girl is fine as hell!!! she needs to be on http://www.bishopbutts.com

  • Ashley

    and people wonder why so many young girls have such a twisted and convoluted look on their body and self image…smh

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