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Missing PA Woman Resurfaces In Flordia After 11 Years

How selfish is this lady, especially when everyone thought she was DEAD!

Via My Fox 8:

A Pennsylvania woman who mysteriously disappeared 11 years ago has resurfaced in Florida, saying that she just walked out on her family, her life and her problems. Brenda Heist, 54, turned herself into authorities in Key Largo, Florida on Friday, informing them that she thought she might be wanted in another county. The responding officer checked her name and saw that she was listed as “missing and possibly deceased” from Lititz, Pennsylvania, according to a news release from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in Florida.

Authorities in Monroe County immediately contacted the Lititz Borough Police, informing them that Heist was in their custody. After exchanging pictures and details, Detective Sgt. John Schofield confirmed that it was indeed the Brenda Heist he had been searching for since 2002.
“Two days later, I flew down to Florida to meet with her,” said Schofield. Heist disappeared February 2002, last seen dropping off her children at school. She was going through a divorce from then-husband Lee Heist and was applying for housing assistance so that she could get her own apartment.
She worked as a bookkeeper for a car dealer and hoped to receive some financial aid. However, her request was denied, Schofield said.

“She was very upset, she was sitting in a park crying, thinking about how she would raise her children, feeling sorry for herself,” he said.
It wasn’t long before she was approached by two males and a female who asked her what was wrong. After she told them what had happened, they invited her to hitchhike with them down to Florida. “At a whim, she decided at that very moment, she would go along with them,” said Schofield. Schofield spoke to Heist at length, and she explained where she had been for the past 11 years.

For Lee Heist, who has since remarried, the news that his ex-wife had been found alive in Florida was one of confusion and ambiguity. “My reaction was extremely mixed. Several reactions went through me. They all raced through me, and I couldn’t grab one. It was just confusion for the first hour of so,” he said. Still, he also felt vindicated. Those who believed he was involved in Brenda Heist’s disappearance now know the truth.

“The hardest thing I had to deal with was, the families of some of my children’s friends would not let them play with them, because of what they thought of me. That just tore me apart. I hope they’ve learned a lesson not to prejudge,” he said. Brenda Heist is currently in “protective custody” said Becky Herrin, spokeswoman for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, who added that she could not offer any further information.

CNN’s attempts to reach Brenda Heist were unsuccessful. No charges have been filed in the case. “There’s nothing illegal about her walking away from her family,” said Schofield. “I’m happy she’s all right. I’m happy for the family, but now we’re forced to think about the wasted manpower that went into this, the hours and money spent on this investigation, the time and effort.” Heist’s missing person flyer has remained posted on the wall in Schofield’s office for 11 years. Now he can finally close a case that has been open for more than a decade.

Wow. SMH.




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