Chit-Chatter: Eve Talks Not Being A Groupie As A Female Rapper And Having Swirly Babies With Her British Boo – “I Don’t Want Them To See Color”

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Eve Talks Having Children And Being A Female Rapper

Former Ruff Ryder Eve hasn’t been consistently on the music scene in years now, but she hasn’t exactly been sitting idle either.

The bangin’ blonde-haired rapstress has been focusing more on her personal life with her British boo-thang, managing her own label, working on a new album, and even planning for children. She recently sat down with Vibe Vixen to dish on everything from her relationship, being a girly-girl, loving Lauryn Hill, holding her own as female rapper, and much more.

Check out a few interview excerpts below:

VIBE Vixen: You’ve been fairly open about your relationship in recent interviews. How do you decide what to share and what to keep to yourself?
Eve: It’s pretty hard. You can get so comfortable with sharing that you don’t even realize it, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve been really good at being private. We might write tweets like, “I love you baby. Thank you,” but I don’t really put out much personal information about us or what we’re exactly doing. It’s or whatever, but never anything too personal.

Would you say you’re a girly girl?
Oh, I’m a girly girl, but I’m like a schizophrenic because I love my sweatpants, too. That’s the first thing I do when I go to a hotel or when I come home. I put on something comfortable.

You’re in the hot seat for “Salon Sessions,” but if you were sitting in the audience, who is someone you would like to watch get interviewed?
Lauryn Hill. She’s such an inspiration still. I know she’s going through a lot, but I’m really happy that she’s signed a new deal with Sony. I’m happy to hear music from her. She’s one of the greatest, and it’s great that she’s like, f*ck it, I am who I am and I’m not gonna be who you want me to be.

Hit the flip to here Eve talk female rappers being groupies and how she feels about raising bi-racial children with her British boo-thang.

Multi-ethnic families are common in Hollywood. Kim Kardashian recently talked about raising her biracial child to never see color. Also, Halle Berry said that she believes in the “one drop rule.” If you and Max have children, what will you teach them about race and their identity?
I don’t want them to see color. I never did. I grew up in the hood and my mother was very good at it not being a black thing, even though I grew up around all black people. I want them to want to know everything about all kinds of races.

I’m a black woman and I love being a black woman. And I think my child should know that black part of themselves. But at the same time, their father would be white and I would want them to know that side of themselves. And British! That’s a whole other situation [Laughs].

As the only female in a rap crew, do you think that helped or hindered your confidence as a woman?
If anything, I probably overcompensated as a woman. With dudes, you have to snatch the respect. You earn it, gain it, snatch it. I also was adopted compared to everyone else. They’re from Harlem and Yonkers and here’s this girl from Philly, so I had to prove that I could write like them or better than them.

I had to prove that I wasn’t a groupie. I did whatever I could to gain that respect and let them know I didn’t need them to carry me.

We think Eve sets a great example for female artists on how to navigate through a male dominated-industry. She even handled that shady Stevie J not even really a “sex tape” drama with class and kept it moving. Clap for her.

Will you be checking for Eve’s new album “Lip Lock” when it hits stores on May 14?

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