Snitches: 8 Celebrities Who Accused Other Women Of Cheating

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Kobe Vanessa Bryant Lala Carmelo Anthony

Celebrities Who Accused Other Women Of Cheating

You ever heard that snitches get stitches? Or that loose lips sink ships? Well that’s definitely the case when it comes to gossiping about your peers. In these cases, men and women tried to put these ladies on blast for being dirty doggettes and it didn’t go well. Some were true, some weren’t. Take a look and be careful who you share your secrets with!

Lala And Carmelo Anthony At AllStar Weekend Houston

Kevin Garnett – He accused Melo’s boo LaLa [pictured above] of getting it in with half the Celtics. And it started again last night.

Pau and Kobe

Vanessa Bryant – She tried to put Pau Gasol’s woman on blast for cheating and it may have ruined their season in 2011.

tupac faith biggie

Tupac – He dropped the most legendary diss song ever, saying that Faith stepped out on Biggie. Still stings a bit to hear.

drake rih

Drake – He essentially said that his crush Rihanna was stepping out on Breezy to give him the goods. Those were definitely fighting words.


Webbie – His infamous “get yo girl, mayne” interview is legendary. He was accusing Rocsi of stepping out on her man to get with him. Right, Webbie.

lauryn and wyclef

Wyclef – He said that he was chopping down Lauryn Hill while she was with Rohan. Dry snitching on himself.

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    Gucci Mane – He tried to put Keyshia Cole on blast for chopping down Diddy. No way, man. Chill.

    dstrkt london celebs 200512

    Rob Kardashian – He said Rita Ora got chopped down by 20 dudes while they were together. Buy it?

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