Jason Collins’ Ex-Baller Boo Says She’s Freezing Her Eggs Because She’s “Had 8 Years Taken From Her”

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See the kind of damage being down low does? Live your truth people!

Jason Collins’ Ex Carolyn Moos Freezing Eggs “I’ve Had 8 Years Taken From Me”

According to TMZ reports:

Ex-WNBA star Carolyn Moos says her ex-fiancee Jason Collins burned 8 fertile years off her womb’s life — and now she’s planning to freeze her eggs before her biological clock stops ticking.

Moos previously said she had a life plan to have kids with Collins during their time together — and after she learned he was gay, she felt the NBA player shattered her dreams.

34-year-old Moos says she still wants to have children — but she’s concerned she might not meet Mr. Right until she’s too old to conceive … so she’s taken steps to have her eggs frozen later this month in case she wants to undergo in vitro fertilization sometime down the line.

“So many women think about this as a plan or option … but few have had 8 years taken away from them like I did.”

Moos says the procedure will cost around $10,000 — but she’s hoping to get some financial backing from any production company looking to capture the journey for a documentary.

Hey, if this lady can get the baby she’s always wanted out of Jason’s new-found “fame”, then she deserves it. We ain’t even mad.

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