BOSSIP Summer Jam 2013 Exclusive: The Hot 97 Team Talks Artist Line-Up, Chris Brown Bringing Out Rihanna, Nicki Minaj Beef, And President Obama Hitting The Stage

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This year’s Summer Jam performances are guaranteed to be unlike any other…

Bossip Talks To Hot 97 Team About Summer Jam 2013

BOSSIP was in the building yesterday as Hot 97’s Angie Martinez announced the official line up for this year’s Summer Jam 2013 20th Anniversary concert. In case you missed the official on-air line-up announcement, the list of Hip Hop heavy hitters that will be performing on the Summer Jam main stage are: Wu Tang Clan, Miguel,Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, Wale, Fabolous, 2 Chainz, French Montana, A$AP Rocky and Joe Budden.

As is common every year at Summer Jam, the confirmed artists will  not be the only music industry heavyweights to grace the stage, as Summer Jam artists are known for bringing “surprise guests” along with them .

We caught up with a few members of the Hot 97 team to get the inside scoop on who else could hit the stage, what they think of the line up, and even got them to dish on the current status of their much-talked about “beef” with YMCMB rapstress Nicki Minaj and whether or not she’d be welcome.

Check out excerpts from our exclusive interviews below:

On this year’s Summer Jam line up:

Hot 97 Heavy Hitters Dj Wala : I definitely like it because they mixed it up. This year, we actually incorporated some of the new hip hop as far as the pre-stage, and we definitely incorporated some of the old hip-hop like Wu Tang and then also added Miguel and Chris Brown to bring in that R&B element that Summer Jam usually lacks.

Hot 97 Radio Personality & DJ Cipha Sounds: I think, personally, French [Montana] is gonna tear the stage down. He’s got a couple of the biggest hits this year, he’s from New York and New Yorkers are thirsty for like, a New York artist to be that number one dude in the game. So when he touches that stage, it’s gonna be mele in there.

But, I officially think that Wu Tang is gonna be the takers of the night because everybody loves Wu. All the barriers….race, age….are gonna be broken down.

Hot 97 Radio Personality & “Gossip Game” Reality Star K. Foxx: This is my 3rd Summer Jam working [for Hot97] but, I’m born and raised in New York so, I’ve been to Summer Jam before numerous times and it’s legendary.

I’m super duper excited about Chris Brown. I love his energy, love the new joint that he has out right now. Miguel, hands down. Love Miguel, love his album, love everything about him. Of course Wu-Tang, that’s gonna be chaos and pandemonium and classic hip-hop all rolled up in to one. So, that’s gonna be an amazing journey that they take us through.

Hot 97 Radio Personality Jay Medina: I’m definitely a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan. They hit the very first one but I wasn’t here at Hot97 for that one so, I’m a fan and I’m excited to see them hit that Summer Jam stage.

Needless to say, the Hot 97 team was ready to talk that talk about Summer Jam 2013 with no filters.

Hit the flip to hear which surprise guests are most likely to show, whether or not Nicki Minaj and her colossal cakes are welcome to hit the stage, and more.

On which surprise guests might hit the stage:
K. Foxx: Wale….maybe he’ll bring out Ross. I mean, I don’t KNOW but…I’m just saying [smiles.]

DJ Wala: Given who’s on this list, just based on prior concerts, I think Drake might hit the stage, kinda certain that Meek Mill might hit the stage because of Wale. And given that Chris Brown is there, you never know who might come out. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t bring Rihanna out. Cause that would be pandemonium.

Jay Medina: The surprise list is endless. Given the line-up that we just announced, you never know. Maybe Jay-Z…I mean, you never know.

Cipha Sounds: I mean….we all know, like the regulars. Like, whoever is down with a camp, most likely a lotta people from those camps are gonna come through. We don’t know though. They don’t tell us!

I think what would rip Summer Jam would be like a Major Lazer or like a Skrillex. You know who [else] would rip? Old school artists like the Lost Boyz….Mr. Cheeks would rip the stage. Or like, if Kim came out. Even if she came out and did like 2 songs. Or even like, it’s been long enough that if like a Lil Jon comes out, it’s over….it would be sick.

On whether or not they think Nicki Minaj would hit the stage:
DJ Wala: If any female would have made the [artist line-up] list, it would’ve been Nicki. But you never know, somebody might bring out Nicki, somebody might bring out Kim.

Cipha Sounds: I don’t know if she’s gonna show up, I hope she does. We have no beef with her whatsoever. The funny thing is that we love her to death. I understand, that communication is key, and we just need some communication. We love Nicki Minaj. The door’s always open [for her to come and hit the stage.] We don’t have to talk to her for her to hit the stage. If she wants to hit the stage, please mamita, hit the stage.

We also joked with a few of the Hot 97 team members about whether or not President Obama himself would actually show up at Summer Jam (you know, since he’s clearly a hip hop fan). Here’s what they had to say:

DJ Wala: Obama might hit the stage [laughs]. If they get it together, they might be at Summer Jam. I mean, Jay-Z did bring out MJ. He could bring out Obama [laughs].

Cipha Sounds: Obama is supposed to come with Hov…they’re acting funny about where they’re gonna land Air Force One [laughs]. So I mean, Bammy, we want you! Come through! [laughs]

Will you be checking out Summer Jam 2013?

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