PETA Wants to Ruin Michael Vicks Entire Life: What In The Hell???

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According to Livesteez, PETA wants to kill Michael Vick’s life, and never let him live down hurting those poor Pit’s:

Imprisoned NFL quarterback Michael Vick may have to undergo a series of mental tests before he can be reinstated following his conviction on dog fighting charges, if it’s left up to an animal treatment watchdog group. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday saying Vick should be checked to see if he is a psychopath before having any chance of a return to the NFL, reports AFP. Vick is serving a prison sentence on conspiracy charges in connection with his bankrolling of a dogfight gambling ring. Evidence in the case showed he killed dogs in such brutal manners as drowning, beating and electrocution. “Saying sorry and getting his ball back after being caught enjoying killing dogs in hideously cruel ways for many years doesn’t cut it,” PETA president Ingrid Newkirk said. “Commissioner Goodell knows that he has an obligation to the league and to millions of fans, including children… to make sure Michael Vick is mentally capable of remorse before he can touch, let alone wear, an NFL uniform again.” PETA’s letter comes following 18-months of negotiations with Vick’s reps about an agreement for Vick to film an anti-dogfight advertisement after his release from prison. But a PETA statement said Vick’s attorneys sought an assurance that the group would support his return to the NFL, according PETA has since decided to withdraw the TV advertisement offer and avoid taking a position upon Vick’s NFL return pending results of a brain scan and psychiatric evaluation.

These PETA radicals are taking it too far. This man served his debt to society. Go pick on someone who has endangered or killed something with significance in our society. We don’t know, how about Nick Hogan??? This guy turned his boy into a vegetable while drag racing, did less time, and is walking around now like he is a star. He never took responsibility, nor did his family.

See below…

Now this b*tch should go under psychiatric evaluations, not a man who has already apologized, served his time, and is trying to get his life back on track.


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