The Side Eye: Antoine “Hide Ya Kids” Dodson Says He Had Sex With A Woman And “It Was Fun”

- By Bossip Staff

What woman smashed that?

Antoine Dodson Had Sex With A Woman

According to TMZ

Antoine Dodson tells TMZ … he’s no stranger to the ways of the vagina … claiming he had real-life sex with women before he switched to guys … and says, “It was fun.”

Dodson — aka the “Bedroom Intruder” guy from YouTube — said he’s “no longer into homosexuality” … and vows to live a straight life that falls in line with his new Hebrew Israelite religion.

We shot Dodson a few questions about his decision, here are his responses:

TMZ: “Do you believe homosexuality is a choice?”
Dodson: “I feel like homosexuality is put on people at early ages the things we see and hear and what’s exposed to us.”

TMZ: “How do you feel about sex with women?”
Dodson: “Sex with women is not new to me. It was fun. I did get enjoyment out of it. I was hurt by a woman as a teen.”

TMZ: “Do you think homosexuality can be ‘cured?'”
Dodson: “I believe when you get to a certain age, you feel different about things and things change, you begin to want more.”

Do you think homosexuality is something that can be cured?

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