When Animals Attack: 50-Pound Labrador Rips Off Woman’s Nose Before Her Husband Bites The Dog To Save His Wife

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This guy took a bite out of dog crime….literally…

Husband Bites Dog In The Nose To Defend His Wife

An Iowa woman has her husband to thank after she was able to survive a vicious dog attack that would have ended much worse had her husband not stepped in to bite the dog to defend her.

via Fox News

An Iowa woman whose nose was severely injured by an attacking dog says her husband bit the animal to make it stop its assault.

Caren and Laine Henry told The Des Moines Register on Thursday that a 50-pound Labrador mix ran out of a yard near Laine’s father’s home in rural Madrid on Sunday to attack the couple while they were walking their pet beagle.

Caren Henry said the dog bit her abdomen and right thigh, scratched at her eyes, then clamped onto her nose, tearing it off.

Caren Henry said the dog wouldn’t stop the attack despite her husband trying to fight it off.

“He finally had to bite the dog in its nose, and it let loose,” she said.

Henry has begun a series of reconstructive surgeries she hopes will restore her nose.

This guy was determined to defend his wife by any means necessary! It’s a shame that no one asked him if dog meat tastes like chicken though. Oh well.


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