Poor Breezy: 9 Possible Reasons Chris Brown Hates His Life

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9 Reasons Chris Brown Hates His Life

Chris Brown went on Twitter in the wee hours of the night to babble about how he hates society and nobody loves him and he’s lonely and…well, he’s just not happy. But what could make a guy who’s dating the hottest women, driving the best cars and making tons of money so sad? Well, we decided to try to figure out why Breezy would be so upset these day.

So here we are: a few reasons Chris Brown hates his life.

He Knows He’ll Never Have Rihanna – After all they did to get together again, they finally ended things seemingly for good. Maybe he’s sad it won’t work out.

Drake May Be Chopping Down His Love – Rih might be floating in the arms of his enemy. That’s tough to take.

Ray J’s Song Had More Buzz – Breezy’s Fine China may be tearing up the charts…but it still didn’t do as well as Ray J’s “Hit It First.” Never a good look to come second to Ray.

He Misses Karrueche – It’s possible. Maybe he realizes he should have held on to her.

He Realized He Can’t Rap – We don’t care how sad this would make him, as long as he stopped, we’re happy.

He Doesn’t Know What Else To Do – Breezy feels like he’s done everything he can to apologize for beating on Rihanna and people still won’t forgive him. Gotta be tough.

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    He’s Lonely – He lost Rihanna. He lost Karrueche. Maybe Breezy is just lonely and angry.

    Nobody Likes Him – Everywhere he goes, he’s making a celebrity upset. Does he have any friends besides Sean Kingston? Anyone? Beuler?

    He Smokes Too Much – Mary Jane will make you upset if you abuse it. That stuff will affect your brain and make you depressed. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with him.

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