Wait, Say That Again: 10 Of The Most Classic, Hilarious, And Head-Scratching Quotes From Mister Cee’s Hot 97 “Pay-For-Gay” Interview!

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It was a long interview, but boy oh boy were there some moments of pure comedy!

The 10 Best Quotes From Mister Cee’s Hot 97 Interview About Prostitution Arrest

It’s safe to say that Hot 97’s Mister Cee “The Finisher” had a long weekend. Early Friday morning the legendary DJ was arrested as part of an undercover sting where police posed as street hoes and offered pleasurable services to unsuspecting victims trick-a$$ ninjas lookin’ for a little something special. Early reports stated that the subject of Cee’s desire was a male, similar to his previous arrest last year for the same offense.

This morning, Cee was grilled at length by Hot 97 program director Ebro Darden, Cipha Sounds, K.Foxx, and Peter Rosenberg on the BlackRicanJew Morning Show about his alleged tranny transgressions.

The result was classic radio and some lines that left people LMAO’ing, SMH’ing, and screaming at their computers and radios “WHAT THE FAWK IS HE TALKING ABOUT?!?!”

We gathered some of the most classic parts of the interview for those of you that don’t want to listen to the nearly-hour-long dialogue.

They say it’s hard out here for a pimp, but apparently it’s just as hard (no pun intended) for a trick…SMMFH

Ebro: “Are you gay?”

Cee: “I am not gay. I’m looking in your eyes, I’m looking in Cipha eyes, I’m looking in Rosenberg eyes, I’m looking in K. Foxx eyes.”

Why eye-bang all the guys first?

Ebro: “Why then the male prostitutes?”

Cee: “Welp, you wanna talk about Thursday/Friday or 2011?”

A) There shouldn’t be that many examples to choose from. B) Answering a question with a question is evasive behavior, we’ve all seen enough movies to know that. C) “Welp” was a TERRIBLE way to start that response.

Peter Rosenberg: “Are you saying that this is just a coincidence? Because there is an alleged time before 2011, so you’re saying these are ALL coincidences and you’ve never had anything to do with a man ever??”

Cee: “I already said I wasn’t gay.”

And we already don’t really beleive you.

Cee: “I embrace the gay community more than you know…more than ANY of you guys know.”

Ya don’t say…

Cee: “No matter what I do, it reflects on all of us.”


Ebro: Do you like prostitutes?

Cee: “Yes I do. I have engaged with prostitutes a lot in my lifetime as well as strippers many a time.”

When they said “it ain’t trickin’ if you got it”, they were lying. It’s still trickin’. We checked.

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    Ebro: (When responding to people asking him if Mister Cee is gay) “Either he is, or he likes ugly chicks, or he likes dudes that dress up like ugly chicks. I don’t know what it is, but something is happeneing!”

    Cee: On his previous arrest involving a male prostitute. (stutters) “If I was engaged in sex activity with that person and that person’s charges get dropped, simply dropped, and I had to go through what I went through, what does that tell you??”

    We don’t know, and furthermore what the f**k does that have to do with anything?!?

    Cee explained how he learned to love the tender touch of streetwalkers and slores:

    “I was in a serious, committed, relationship…we broke up around 2001 and my life started to change as far as getting into the more “hit it and quit it” activity. Going to strip clubs, not Sue’s or Perfections, I’m talkin’ about the underground strip spots. Gettin’ something at 4,5,6 in the morning, takin’ it out the spot, and doin’ what I gotta do.”

    Sorry, but “something” and “it” sounds like code for “man junk” and “that azz”. Might be better to use specifics if you want to clear your name Cee.

    Cee: “…combinating that with activity with prostitutes”

    “Combinating”??? No wonder this guy is a DJ.

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