See What Happened…: The Worst Excuses Celebrities Make When They Get Caught In A Lie

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Worst Lying Excuses These Celebrities Make

Celebrities lie all the time. And sometimes they get caught. However, when they get caught, they usually come up with some stupid lie that nobody buys. Some of the lies are pretty convincing but others are damn embarrassing.

We didn’t buy these dumb lies and neither should you.

Kevin Garnett – Charlie Villanueva tried to tell people about how KG said he looked like a cancer patient. Then KG said “I just told him he was a cancer to his team.” Right.

Rick Ross – When asked about his “rape” lyrics he just said “I’d never insult my Black queens”…and expected us to just leave it at that. Sure thing, dude.

Mister Cee – He said he “stumbled upon” the area where male escorts hang out. Just come clean, Cee.

Bristol Palin – We all know she had plastic surgery. But she denied it saying she had “necessary non-cosmetic procedure.” WTF does that mean?

Tiger Woods – Addicted? Addicted? No such thing.

Karl Malone – He tried to deny his daughter but she looks just like him! Seriously, have you seen them?

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    Ray J – He said “I Hit It First” wasn’t about Kim Kardashian…it was about no one in particular. We don’t believe you, you need more people.

    Michael Jackson – He said he only had a couple of plastic surgeries. No disrespect to the dead but he’d have to multiply that by a few.

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