Ann Coulter On ‘Racist’ Democrats: “They Have You On Welfare, Destroyed The Black Family, Don’t Owe You Anything, Keep Voting, And We Won’t Do Anything For You Black Americans”

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Ann Coulter Bashes Racist Democrats

We know this shady azz beyotch isn’t calling someone “RACIST”????? That’s the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black (no pun intended).

Ann ‘C-Word’ Coulter went on Hannity last night and had some things to say in regards to the difference in Republicans and Democrats…

According to Mediaite:

Monday night on Hannity, Ann Coulter shared her opinions on President Obama‘s foreign policy, from Syria to Benghazi, with Sean Hannity. Coulter also weighed in on the South Carolina Democrat who recently said he wants to send Governor Nikki Haley “back wherever the hell she came from,” a “racist” comment she insisted would never have been made by a Republican.

“No Republican would say it,” Coulter insisted. “This is classic Democratic behavior.” While Hannity conceded that people in the Republican Party have been known to say “stupid things,” Coulter said that “racism is endemic to the Democratic Party.”

Doing her best impression of a Democrat, Coulter closed out the segment by saying, “Yes, we have you all on welfare and have destroyed the black family in America so we don’t owe you anything else. Just keep voting for us and don’t expect us to do anything for you, black Americans.”

SMH. This is coming from the same broad who has made the following quotes:

“The Reason U.K. Has No Gun Crime Is Because They Have More White People!”

“Black People Can’t Tell Us What Words NOT To Use, The N-Word Is Not Like Any Other Word”

“The Worst Thing That Was Done To Black People Since Slavery Was The Great Society Programs”

“Obama Just Turns His Blackness On… And Suddenly He’s Malcom X!”

There’s tons more, but that’s for another post.

Peep the video below to see her go in on the POTUS, once again:

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