Shhh, Baby: 10 Celebrities Who Are Probably Embarrassed By Their Slore-y Boos

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Celebrities Embarrassed By Their Significant Others

Don’t you hate when your boo does something crazy that makes you want to bury your head in your hands? But you still have to love them anyway? Well, these celebrities are just like that. They have to stay loving their boos even though they’re totally embarrassed and won’t say it. We can tell…and it’s pretty said.

So here are some celebrities sticking with their boos even though they’re probably embarrassed by the sloring.

Serge Ibaka – He’s Keri Hilson’s boo and plays for the Thunder. Think he ignores her Twitter sloring and tirades?

Boobie Gibson – Boobie has to deal with Keyshia’s tweets ruining Super Bowls and get-togethers. He must hate it.

Kanye West – Kim is going through a divorce still. She’s in the middle of a feud with Ray J and a reality show. No wonder he’s so sad.

Kim Kardashian – Yeezy wears kilts…so she’s not exactly proud of that fact, is she?

Future – He’s gotta be embarrassed when she puts out her struggle tunes.

Vanessa Bryant – She’s gotta feel embarrassed every time a picture surfaces of Kobe macking on a Becky like they’re going out of style.

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    Rihanna – They just broke up but we bet Rih Rih wanted to hide her face every time his temper tantrum tweets popped up.

    Erica –Scrappy on TV beefing with his momma? Not nearly a good look.

    Tahiry – She’s boo’d up with the most insufferable tweeter out there. That’s not a good sign at all. But she keeps trucking along.

    Simone Todd – “Accidental Racists” …….. goodness gracious.

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