What The Hell?? 500-Pound Man Has Surgery To Remove 134-Pound Scrotum [Photos]

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Now this is some wild ish!!

Man Has Surgery To Remove 134-Pound Scrotum

A man living in Las Vegas with a rare medical condition that caused his scrotum to reach 134 pounds is now recovering after having it removed.

via ABC News

For five painful years, Wesley Warren Jr. watched his scrotum slowly swell into a 134-pound mass that hung to his ankles. It all started with a bad dream.

“I went to the ER and they treated it as though I had some kind of infection,” Warren said, recalling a course of antibiotics that had no effect on the bulging mass. “I went to other doctors, and no one was able to figure out anything to for me. They’d refer me to another doctor or surgeon, but because I don’t have insurance or the financial means to pay for these folks on demand, the appointment would be six weeks away or three months away.”

Without a diagnosis or any hope of a cure, Warren, who lives off of disability benefits in Las Vegas, turned to radio host Howard Stern for help, soliciting donations to the email address benefitballsack@yahoo.com.

Warren used money from “The Howard Stern Show” listeners to travel from Las Vegas to Irvine, Calif., where on April 8 Gelman removed the 134-pound mass in a 13-hour surgery.

“Some of the veins in the mass were a quarter-inch in diameter,” Gelman said, recalling the lengthy and risky procedure to remove the mass in one giant piece. “With the fluid and other tissues, I would say the total weight he was carrying around probably exceeded 160 pounds.”

Warren, who is still recovering at a nursing home in Orange, Calif., said he can finally wear normal underwear and pants, but he’s not yet used to the dramatic change.

Warren said it doesn’t feel like he’s 160 pounds lighter, noting that he weighed about 500 pounds before the surgery.

We have to admit, it was pretty smart of him to reach out to Howard Stern for help. What a crazy story!


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