He Say/She Say: 10 Infamous Celebrity Rumors That Will NEVER Die

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Juicy celebrity rumors are guilty pleasures in our scandal-obsessed society. The filthier the rumor, the more infamous (and widely-believed) it grows over time. Whether true or false, it doesn’t matter and never will.

Here are the ten most infamous celebrity rumors that will NEVER die.

Marques Houston smashed Beyonce during her struggle microbraid years

“I hit it first” – M.H. aka Batman from Immature aka “Roger” from “Sister, Sister”

2Pac lives

Somewhere in the universe, Pac, Assata Shakur, Benzino’s neck and Meek Mills’ inside voice are hiding from humanity in the same underground fortress. Why? We may never ever know, ever.

Beyonce faked her pregnancy

Blue Ivy looks like one of several different Blue Ivys that Hov & Bey choose from daily. Whether Bey had Blue, used a surrogate or has a secret army of babies she alternates between, no one really knows.

Aaliyah broke up the Roc

Roc-A-Fella Records co-founders Dame Dash and Hovvy Hov were both crazy in love with the iconic songbird and her untouchable crop top collection. Some say “business differences” ended the Roc but the pictures (and industry whispers) tell a different story.

Beyonce and Kelly Rowland are really sisters

Everyone knows that Pops Knowles is a YOLO-minded rolling stone so Bey Bey and Kelendria being sisters is believable.

Jay-Z smashed “safe and kid-friendly” Rihanna before her inner-hoodrat activation

RiRi performed a Whitney Houston song for then President of Def Jam Jay-Z and was signed on the spot. Think about this: RiRi (who squawks like tortured tropical birds) performed a WHITNEY classic for Hov and was signed on the spot? Hmmm…

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    Oprah and Gayle are more than BFFs

    The media tried to catch Mother Oprah and Gayle in bed for years and probably never will. Stedman paid to be her boo while she creeps with Gayle? It’s possible.

    Reverend Dr. Mason Betha was on the run

    The flashy rapper-turned-Pastor-turned Rated G rapper quit Hip-Hop, traded his shiny jumpsuits for 27-button Stevie Harvey suits and became a Mega Church Pastor to escape extortionists (supposedly).

    Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill are were boo thangs

    There are two types of Black folk in this world: Those who believe Eddie and Johnny smashed and those in denial.

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