Angry Bird Beef: Love & Hip Hop’s Momma Dee Calls Erica Dixon A Gold-Digger Who Is Only Fawking Scrappy For Money Making Fame

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Will Scrappy have to choose between his momma and his baby mama?

Momma Dee And Erica Dixon Fight On Twitter

Via Urban Belle reports:

Erica and Momma Dee looked to be on better terms by the end of season one. But during the off season for the show, Momma Dee revealed that she still had her reservations about Erica despite the fact that Scrappy proposed to Erica on the reunion show. Erica and Scrappy’s relationship has been one that is hard to keep up with nowadays as the status of it changes pretty frequently. And the way Erica sees it, things with Scrappy could be better if Momma Dee didn’t try to be so involved in it.

Although she was feeling some type of way about Momma Dee setting up a meeting between Shay and Scrappy in the studio without Scrappy’s consent, Erica was willing to have a sit down with her mother Mingnon, Scrappy and Momma Dee to talk out the issues that they have going on with each other. After all the shoving, cursing and holding people back, Scrappy said once he was outside that he was going nowhere until he got the engagement back from Erica as Erica drove off from the house.

Erica and Momma Dee both let their thoughts out on Twitter about the fight scene…

Momma Dee thinks Erica is all about the Benjamins…

Wait…. how is Erica a gold digger when she has a job and probably makes more than Scrappy making $10 an hour??


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