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Interrupted songbird Mariah Carey caught some feelings behind the fact that she wasn’t picked to be a part of President Obama‘s inaugural entourage at the The Neighborhood Ball:

Mariah Carey was “furious” after discovering she would be seated for the inauguration of new U.S. President Barack Obama at Tuesday’s ceremony – because she was convinced organizers would allow her onstage.
[Carey] attended the swearing-in and later wowed crowds at The Neighborhood Ball celebration that evening, which also saw performances by Mary J. Blige and Beyonce Knowles. But singer was left disappointed after being told she would have to sit down for the event, as she thought she would be standing with Obama on the podium, according to reports.
A source tells New York gossip column PageSix.com, “Mariah was in the VIP area, where every celebrity, like Jon Bon Jovi, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys and Bruce Springsteen, was seated.
“But somehow she thought she’d be up with the Obama family. When she realized she wasn’t, she bailed.”

It’s just like a delusional diva to think the inauguration was all about her. Good thing she wasn’t invited to the stage. If there were anymore egos up in that joint with the Obama’s, it would’ve collapsed.


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  • DETinATL


  • DETinATL

    And who the hell is MC to BO?????????? Ho Sit Down…no….. really Sit Down, LMAO!!!

  • Emmanuel

    1 or 2? Sit down mariah….

  • Emmanuel

    shit 3rd…


    RIGHT——- HO SIT DOWN!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re is excited to see GAMBIT in May. FINALLY!

    So singing for the president wasn’t enough? Don’t be greedy…

  • Adrienne

    People are getting ridiculous. I find it funny how some people who didn’t even care about politics before, didn’t even rally for it, all of a sudden feel like they need to be front and center in the political arena. Stop using the appointment of our first black president for your own personal gain. Mariah if you want some damn attention then drop a baby. I’m tired of her whining and everybody elses. Especially Bey whose father basically begged to get her at the inauguration.

  • Corey W.

    I’m telling ya’ll, we need to stop making these people rich, they get some status and forget where they came from. Who does she think she is?? Or what does she feel she has done to deserve that type of recognition.

  • Phillygirl

    is she serious? This can’t be true. You are marrid to Nick Cannon. I love Mariah but this sounds very strange even for her.

  • DONE!!!

    Top TEN!!!! MiMi is DONE!!! My wife told me she couldn’t do it since she went BONKERS!!!!! AND SHE WAS SPOT ON!

  • Mandah aka Cranberry Sauce.. when's it gon be four so i can clock out?

    smdh… thought she was gonna be on the podium? wth? and lawd dont get me started on bey lawd!

  • come on

    I find this AMAZING…that just because bossip post this garbage about mariah then this is automatic true…. come on people we are much more intelligent than that! arent we, arent we?

  • pytjd

    REALLY!!!…This story doesn’t even make sense and not that i was there but I just don’t believe it and i’m surprised Bossip put this lame mess up here..I know mariah is supposed to be a diva and even a little crazy..but do we really believe she thought she would be sitting next to michelle, she wasn’t even tapped to sing for the first dance..she probably just didn’t want to sit out in the cold..now that would be more in line with her diva antics….bossip take this down…

  • http://bossip Dub Money

    Amen to Adrienne, i feel what you are saying. Obama is so much more important than some entertainer plus Mariah wanna act like she is black now but back in the day she was fronting like she was a white girl. Its like damn near everybody in the industry are phony and their ego’s are much larger than their talents

  • knowledgeable

    Imma need Mimi to focus on her lines and notes while she sings INSTEAD of where she’s sitting during BARACK OBAMA’s inauguration! not her’s, his! She got her priorities all wrong!

  • celia

    why is it i only hear stories of the black celebs doing this dumb shit. She Bey, Shanti, and all the others who really thought they could get away with thier diva antics during a U.S Presidential inauguration are just stupid. Which is why they sing and “act” instead of doing something that takes a large amount of gray matter.

  • kiki

    Mariah plz girl Sit down and enjoy the ride while u can…


    right- ho sit down…literally. HO SIT DOWN… especially for marrying that scrub bucket, Nick Cannon. ugh

  • Glok9n: The real glok !!!


  • http://afo.net Nanette

    There were to many egos on the stage that night.

  • Shayla

    I cosign everthing Adrienne and Dub said. My sentiments exactly.

  • Good 'n Thick

    *blank stare*

    Umm Mimi….get over yourself.. and yeah.. SET THE FUGG DOWN..

  • http://Bossip Get Outta Here!

    This is hilarious! I guess she thought since she took the time to dress like a grown-up (a grown hoochie, no less) instead of a 40 something dressed like a 12 year old she should have been awarded for that somehow…funny!!

  • dfiestyone

    Bossip, I’m going to need you to provide some proof on this one since you are about to start some nonsense for nothing because I know good and well that this child has more sense than this on such an historic day as Jan. 20th!!! *tapping my foot, anxiously waiting with my arms folded for your PROOF”!!

  • The Devil Is A Liar

    They probably told her to sit down after hearing how horrible she sounded. She was not having a good night with the microphone.

    Does she look pregnant to anyone else, but me?

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