Deeeead Giveaway: 9 Greatest Internet Sensations

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The internet is the greatest place on Earth where anyone can achieve instant fame. Accidentally-famous, these overnight “celebs” will always have a special place in our hearts.

Here are the nine greatest internet sensations ever. Take a look.

Charles Ramsey

We don’t know much about the Cleveland hero who rescued three missing women being held captive for years, but he’s easily the most intriguing person in America today.

“MacDonnuls” sammiches, ribs and salsa music, white women with Hispanic babies, female captives who were believed dead, rude 911 operators and the golden catchphrase “deaaad giveaway.” Greatest rescue story ever.

“I knew somethin was wrong when a lil pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms” – Charles Ramsey. True American hero.

Antoine Dodson

Where were you when the silk-scarf-wearing buffoon warned everyone of a serial bed intruder terrorizing his projects? Antoine Dodson’s “Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife!” warning to America? Classic pop culture moment.

Sweet Brown

All she wanted was a cold pop and somehow stumbled into stardom by accident. Her Bronchitis acting up during a fire in her complex? Sweet Brown ain’t have time fuhdat.

Latarian Milton

“I wanted to do hoodrat stuff with my friends” – the most infamous 7-year-old of our time after stealing and wrecking his Grandma’s SUV.

Phill Wade

The internet famous musician won the internet repeatedly in 2010 with his hilarious song covers and remixes of popular songs. B.M.F. Gospel Remix? Classic.

George Lindell

White people are amazing.

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    Why a Gabby Sidibe-built chubby lumpkins would climb onto a flimsy table and sing, no one knows, but Scarlet and her hilarious tumble will always be golden.

    Esther and Bruce Huffman of McMinnville, OR

    Sweet elderly couple accidentally becomes internet famous for struggling to use modern technology.

    Larry “Pants on the Ground” Platt

    When asked about the greatest moments of American Idol, most people will say the Simon/Paula spats, Fantasia’s barefoot performances, William Hung and the ole dusty chicken Larry Platt performing “Pants on the Ground.”

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