Must Be Nice: Guess What Kobe “The Mangled Mamba” Flew In From Milan For Wife Vanessa’s Birthday?

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Meanwhile his parents are probably starving, eating Ramen noodles and driving around a vehicle that is decades old and has no A/C… But enough about them. Let’s get back to the really important people riiiiiight? Kobe and Vanessa have been flaunting their love and flossing their wealth on Instagram this time in honor of Vanessa’s birthday.

Kobe took to Instagram to brag about flying in Fabrizio de Togni, the master chef for Paper Moon, which happens to be Vanessa’s favorite restaurant in Milan. Or if you’re a pretentious fawk — Milano. Homeboy made some eggplant parm, filet mignon and some penne arrabiata. Guess they must’ve been fresh out in all of Beverly Hills.

Hit the flip for more family photos from Vanessa’s b’day, the Bryant’s anniversary and Gianna’s b’day when you continue…

Nevermind all them hoes he chopped on the side… As long as his “Lady” loves him Kobe Bean gonna be alright.

And she didn’t mind showing off all her goods on her own Instagram page either!

Even us jaded folks over here have to admit this is pretty sweet. Congratulations on those 12 years of marriage guys. Pretty sure Vanessa reminds the Mamba every time he tries to call her bluff and says “Fine then, divorce me!” More years = way bigger alimony/divorce settlement.

The couple had a lot to celebrate in the last few weeks, besides Vanessa’s b’day and their anniversary, their daughter Gianna also turned 7 last week.

How precious.

More photos on the flip.

The couple pulled out all the stops for Gianna’s big day — enlisting Disney Stars Zendaya Coleman and Bella Thorne along with “Dancing With The Stars'” Val Chermosky to come out for her “Shake It Up” themed party.

And Kobe and Vanessa also celebrated the 16th b’day of her nephew Kristian (see what we mean about the Mexican side of the fam getting all the love?)

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    Last but not least — how cute is Kobe’s grandma?

    At least she didn’t get left out in the cold like the rest of the fam!


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