For the Stans: Beyonce In ‘Obsessed’

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Obsessed is coming to a theater near you. We know the loyal Stans will line up to see Beyonce stumble her way through the film – while the rest of us will take in all the beauty and deliciousness that is Idris Elba.

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  • Shaton

    Hey, this may be okay. She played a great Etta!!

  • Memphis Stand Up

    This movie is such a bad career move for Idris Elba. I hope he is getting paid enough money to be in disaster at least.

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    this looks a mess…it looks like the cover of something that should go straight to cable……time will tell

  • kahmmillion

    I will never pay a dime to see anything Beyuckce is in.




  • Method Actress

    This should have been a cable access project.
    It is a waste to pair the talentless ‘actress’ Beyawnce with treasures like Idris, Jeffry Wright, etc. PLEEEEZE STOP

  • KC

    I love Beyonce, but really…this acting this MUST STOP.



  • Quan

    I am definitely checking for Idris. I think the movie will be pretty good even though I don’t like Beyonce’s acting. She just isn’t believable.

  • Mean Gurl

    same hoe another video..shrugs

  • Raquel26

    THIS….people, THIS is why I think that artists should play their part in the industry (music) only. These people are NOT REAL actors, and just because they star in a film doesnt give them the right to even add that title under their belt.

    You are NOT a real actor if all you play is what you already do in real life. Like 50…..he’s not an actor. He’s just getting filmed on what he does on a daily (or what he’s accustomed to prior to making it big musically). So what. And Beyonce. It’s either singing or playing some gf in a movie (such as this one). Oh, and lest not forget the Austin Powers ordeal. In the words of the In Living Color’s gay movie critics….*snapping fingers*…”HATED IT”. LOL

    Thats like a whore getting filmed to suck a dick. She’s already doing it……and just because she gets it on tape doesnt make her an actor.

  • Raquel26

    Real actors who can flip the script and make a movie believable AS WELL as being able to morph into a whole different character:

    -Morgan Freeman
    -Forest Whittaker
    -Sidney Poiter
    -Denzel Washington
    -Will Smith
    -Samuel L. Jackson
    -Angela Bassett
    -Halle Berry

    Shall I go on??

    These are REAL actors and not just because this is already their profession but because they dont just play easy parts that are safe. Like Halle Berry. Gorgeous woman. In fact, insatiable. But you dont see her playing in roles that just focus on her beauty. I dont know how many times I’ve seen her play a crackhead, or some widowed wife.


    Awww daym, beyonce ruins the hope that this movie will be good, i hope her acting has improved because it looks like it has potential.

  • c from stl

    I’ll only go see this to take in all the deliciousness that is Idris Elba. I love Beyonce’ as a singer and performer. but….ummmm….GOOD LORD I WISH SHE WOULD STOP ACTING!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Even on the previews she looked uncomfortable as h3ll. I want someone in these roles that is believable, and Mrs. Carter just IS NOT!

  • This I Know

    Why is Idris in this film?????

    I know the economy is hurting right now, and he probably has to take some acting roles just to pay the bills. But DAMN Idris THIS movie?? How do you expect your fans to support your chances of becoming the first black James Bond if you are crap films like this?

    Can someone please spare Idris Elba some change – and some common sense???

  • snoop bloggy blog

    For some reason i think beyonce going to pull it off.

  • Method Actress

    Look for Beyawnce to be on next years’ RAZZIE nominations

  • Lady Architect

    I’ll wait for the DVD on this one. I watch lifetime and have seen enough movies just like this one.

    I like your list. I watch Angela B on ER lastnite with her husband and that lady is ridiculous in acting, so is her husband.

    Halle’s best performance to me was playing in “Losing Isaiah”

  • JK

    Damn they could have gotten Nia Long or Sanna Lathan.

  • >>>>>>>>>>

    stop hating people !! at least beyonce is trying, lets give her credit for that. My girl is not wasting time. Go bey Go I will definately check out for this movie.

  • snoop bloggy blog

    They could have been more creative with the dvd cover. Is this going straight to video?


    I saw the preview to this movie and it’s kind of the same ole same ole, this is nothing that we haven’t already seen before. It’s like a black version of fatel attraction, and as usual Beyonce is horrible as an actress, when will she wake up and realize that she can’t do everything..Idris will be the only thing to sell this movie outside of the die hard Beyonce stans who will support anything she does.

  • me01

    This is good for Beyonce and Idris, this brother is working trying to keep his resume up to date and what a great way to did it with a starring role with Beyonce…Ms Sasha Fierce to you haters!

  • Adrienne

    Beyonce is NOT a good actress…I just don’t understand how she continues to land these roles…..SMH…I WON’T be seeing this unless my hair dresser has it on bootleg…I’ll watch it while I’m under the dryer….

  • me01

    I meant to do it with…..

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