Blast From the Past: Maxwell

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Maxwell and a lady friend hit up the “Cyrano de Bergerac” performance last night in NYC. Damn, Maxwell got that little conservative thing going on in these pics. Wonder what’s really good with him these days…we haven’t seen him in a minute.

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  • BishopButts

    see big ass booties at:

  • scorpio

    this picture scared me!!!

    he looks horrendous.

  • lynn

    WoW! He looks sooooo OLD!


    I thought he rocked a natural, not sure about dreds…but anyway I still can’t wait for his next c.d.

  • Baby Please
  • Mary J Blige

    ooopsss! sorry, it was a long night in the studio trying to get this album done. excuse my anger. i’m just PMSing

    all my love


  • Cesca

    FIX THE SITE!!!!

  • Baby Please

    I miss Maxwell.

    What’s wrong with this site?


    why does he have on plastic glasses?

  • 'Mary J Blige is a trip!'


  • KDogg

    a lupe fiasco story should be next

  • hey

    He’s really channeling Malcolm X in these pics. He and his “lady friend” look nice though so I can dig it.

  • helltothanaw

    Yikes!!! What happened Maxwell?? You’ve aged man..

    Git yo ass back in rhe studio and start crankin’ out them neo-soul hits. The music game is suffering without you.

  • helltothanaw


    I mean “the”

  • Jay

    DAMN KDogg!!! hahaha!

  • txshawty

    Kdogg….ooooh that’s like some ‘Swordfish’ stuff right there lol!…

  • txshawty

    How old is Maxwell now??

  • Erika

    OK People, on behalf of Maxwell, give the man a break. You know people do get older. I do miss the hair and yes he does have a very conservative look. I too attempted to look at the smaller pics but no luck.

    P.S. I just subscribed to the blog. I love it on the front of myyahoo page. Lovely! Got it from Kanye’s page.

  • Ms. Quita

    I am not pleased….I liked him better with the plats. The video where he was in the tube with the plats is my favorite…he needs to go back

  • The Goddess

    Oh My goodness! I almost didn’t even recognize him. I WOULD love to see him come out with some new music. I loved me some Maxwell.

  • Ms. Quita


  • elle

    I’m patiently waiting for this man’s next project.

    Although this picture isn’t a good look, I’m hoping he hasn’t lost any of his concert performing ability.

    He’s gives a great live show.

  • im_unique


    Are u serious? What benefit are we getting out of u telling us what story is coming up next? U have a gift to hack which is scandalous anyway but let us know when u get into something that will make us say “WOW!!!”

  • DJ Inphinity

    Lol… those sunglasses are goofy as hell. Haha, what a goof.

  • lisa

    love him.

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