You’re Gonna Want Me Back: People Who Stepped Their Game Up After Getting Kicked To The Curb

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People Who Stepped Their Game Up After Being Dumped

Getting kicked to the curb is never fun, and it’s even less fun when you have to go through it with everyone watching.

Some celebrities lash out in public, some drop off of the face of the earth for a few years, and some just act like it’s not even happening.

But, just as with everyday people, some lime-lighters use break-ups as a way for them to start or continue working that much harder to do that much better.  Kinda like this ex pictured above who dated Hot 97 Summer Jam 2013 performer Chris Brown and is now doing her thing on her own.

See who else probably made their exes want that old thingg back on the flip…

Christina Milian
The Dream did her dirty in the worst way and then filed for divorce while she was still pregnant with their daughter. She managed to keep it together though….and now she has a beautiful daughter, new record label home and a new man.

LeToya Luckett
It’s not clear who walked out on who in this situation, but Slim was definitely dating on the side while he was with LaToya way back when. Not long after their break-up, her solo career took off and she stepped back on the scene looking like like a million bucks. Probably best she moved on anyway, judging from captions like the one in this picture courtesy of Slim himself. SMH.

J.Lo stayed by Diddy’s side for as long as she could, but in the end she decided to end things and keep it moving. It’s no secret that Diddy seems to have never really gotten over their break-up, but he didn’t miss a beat business-wise. The break-up only resulted in more music, more endorsements, more movies….and more everything for him.

She was a part of the most talked about love triangle of 2012, and somehow seems to have emerged from it all and kept it moving. We knew next to nothing about her before she got with Chris Brown, and now she’s doing modeling spreads, hosting events and even has a clothing line. Meanwhile, Chris is getting the memo that the grass isn’t as green as he thought it would be back in Rihannaland.

Ashanti has barely been on the scene these last 5 years or so, but now she has a new single out, a starring role on a successful television series, and a new album in the works…..all of which seemed to magically appear after she and Nelly called it quits towards the end of last year.

Amber Rose
Being Kanye’s main chick for all of those years is definitely what put her on, but she seems to be much happier….and more successful at staying in the limelight…. in her new relationship with Wiz. Or is it just us?

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    He said he tried everything he could to make it work with Kelis before she filed for divorce and hit him with a massive child support order. But instead of crying in the car, he channeled all of his emotions into arguably one of the best albums of 2012.

    Kim Porter
    Diddy had been stepping out on her for years before she finally cut him off for good. Despite their break-up, she’s still looking great and hasn’t missed a beat.

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