B.I.G. Album Heads to the Top of Charts

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Posted by Bossip Staff

The pseudo-soundtrack to the film, “Notorious” has climbed its was towards the top of charts:

Matching the success of the film from which it spawned, Notorious: Music From and Inspired by the Original Motion Picture has landed atop several Billboard charts, scoring the week’s biggest debut at #4 on the Billboard 200.

The Bad Boy Records release, which was in stores three days before Notorious hit theaters, sold 43,000 copies in it’s first week of release.

The album also made it to No. 1 on the “Top Rap Albums” chart, and No. 2 on both the “Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums” and “Top Digital Albums” list as well.

A musical companion to the film capturing the rise of Brooklyn’s favorite son, the album combines Notorious B.I.G. chart toppers like “Juicy” with new music by Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Faith Evans, and even Biggie’s son CJ Wallace.

A two-disc special edition is currently on sale at Target stores nationwide, pairing the CD with a new documentary, Remembering Christopher Wallace.

The DVD features exclusive interviews with slain rap great’s family including Mrs. Voletta Wallace and the two children he left behind.

We’re glad the album is doing well as far as position goes, but 43,000 in it’s first week has to be disappointing.  Sh*t, certified gold might be out of the question, let alone trying to make it to platinum.  Darn.

Get after a mini-collage of Big below.


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    who cares, this was one fat dumb azz nigga who died for nothing, i dont feel sorry for his dumb azz

  • Bad Boy

    dont stop…

    this is the most stupid-est comment i have even read in my life. why do so people know how to type .if they ain’t putting it to good use…another unhappy mo’fo…r u Mccain folks??? still bitter buddy???

  • Yungin

    Much love for B.I.G., one of the Greats…but not the greastest IMHO.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Record sales must be VERY slow if the #4 album only sold 43k. Maybe I’m reading that wrong or something.

  • Ermy Erm (Brrr its mad cold)

    QQ’n @ Big’s pic. He really was terrible looking, but i LOVED me some BIGGIE….All his stuff made your head bob and he always sounded like he was choking on his throat but he was cool!

  • Sepia830

    If B.I.G. was such a great rapper, why did it take a movie being made several YEARS after he died for such a renewed interest to take place? We need to stop tagging people as legends when the title does not necessarily apply. IMO Biggie was just another rapper–nothing special in terms of lyric contents or microphone skills. But maybe that’s just me.

  • Ms. Brilly

    @ Sepia830

    You are entitled to your opinion so I’m not even going to argue the point. However, I want to mention that there was no “renewed interest”. The interest in BIG never subsided, that’s preceisly why the movie has done as well as it has. People had been waiting for it, people never stopped being interested.

  • PhillyYoungWoman-4-The-Kids

    how many times can the mix the same 2 albums, over & over…he didnt leave behind material like pac

  • PhillyYoungWoman-4-The-Kids

    how many time can they (puff) mix the same 2 albums…he didnt leave behind material like pac

  • Nellis


  • jays blazin

    You know, people kill me. Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Sean John, Sean Diddy do whop. What ever the f his name is need to sit his arse down somewhere and stop trying to make money off other mofo’s. He’s got his hands in everything! He needs to sit his black, big soup cooler lips arse down somewhere and take care of all those gazillion kids he got!

  • Naturelle

    Umm…this is 2009. Who the hell cares about some ignorant ass supposed rapper who did absolutely nothing for the black community except make them look like ignorant thug gangster wannabes who love his “music?” Biggie is so gross. Why why WHY are people patronizing this waste of a movie?!?!?!? Shouldn’t people be more concerned about obtaining an education and listening to music that has substance….there is a lot of great R&B and jazz music out there…Robin Thicke is great!!! Stevie Wonder!!! Boney James!!! Earth Wind & Fire!!! Cmon people…eejole

  • hoodboy from france's back

    Damn there is a lot of ignorant stupid ass on bossip !!! Biggie is the best mc !!! his fantastic skill survive 10 years after his death !!!please respect him clowny ass internet geek trash talker as he sais if don’t know now you know

  • Jess Me

    THE GREATEST RAPPER DEAD OR ALIVE! I’m from NY and I was in my 1st year of college down south when Big’s album dropped…I was feeling every verse, down to the last word. I can still recite Ready to Die from start to finish. I’ve had to buy and replace that CD 8 times in the last 10 years, but it’s worth it. Big is so classic..he’ll stay on a lot of ppl’s playlist forever.

  • sepia830

    @Ms. Brilly

    @ Sepia830

    You are entitled to your opinion so I’m not even going to argue the point. However, I want to mention that there was no “renewed interest”. The interest in BIG never subsided, that’s preceisly why the movie has done as well as it has. People had been waiting for it, people never stopped being interested.


    Maybe where you live the interest in Biggie never subsides, but in LA I NEVER hear anybody bumping Biggie songs, rarely ever see a Biggie t-shirt or other memorabilia being sported. Biggie was big on the east coast because that’s where he hailed from. He produced a limited amount of music so the few hits he had will be recylcled over the years. The movie will boost his sales a bit, but seeing that there won’t be a sequel…..

  • sepia830

    And judging from the number of replies to this post, I’d say people are already over Biggie’s resurgence.

  • ms c

    um…to say that you weren’t a fan of BIGGIE is one thing, but to totally disrespect a man’s life & death is just a waste of breath & uncalled for. you should be ashamed of yourself. and i wonder if you were saving the world at 24 or even had the mentality to do so…quit putting so much pressure on rappers to do anything but entertain until they reach the maturity level & gain the desire to do more! you’re certainly wasting a great deal of time blogging while you can be out saving your community since that’s what you think he should have been doing. the movie was #4 in the country – that says a lot. two albums and the dude made his mark and guess what? it ain’t going nowhere! there are certain rappers who could pass today and 10 years from now, nobody’s checking for their music. but BIG? classic material; can’t deny that. stop hatin’…it is what it is.

  • allgatsdown

    NOTORIOUS THE MOVIE IS CLASSIC!! its a masterpiece just like bigs music. i love it and i already seen it twice and am going a third time, its that great

  • tookoolforskool

    yeah the movie is ill. go see it and no street bootleggin, this money goes to bigs fam

  • tookoolforskool

    oh and make sure your ticket stub reads NOTORIOUS THE MOVIE…make your money count, haha

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