Reality TV Matrimony-dom: Kim Zolciak Has Worries About Marriage, But Loves The Attention Over Kroy’s “Caught Creeping” Rumors

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This chick smh… Despite acting like tabloid rumors of her husband’s previous infidelity are minor annoyances, friends of Kim Zolciak say she’s putting on an act for the public while secretly relishing the attention!

Via RadarOnline reports:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is facing a barrage of bad publicity as her hubby’s fidelity is questioned, and while one source said her marriage is “solid” another says she may putting on a brave face to mask trouble behind the scenes.

“Another day another stupid story!” Kim, 34, tweeted after her hubby Kroy was accused of cheating with ex-Indiana Pacers cheerleader Elizabeth Seward.

Elizabeth gave an extensive interview to In Touch magazine, claiming she and Kroy got hot and heavy after meeting in Indianapolis in January 2010, when he was dating Kim.

“I want Kim to know about it,” she said. “It was this whirlwind love-at-first-sight thing.”

Kim’s message on Thursday was in complete support of Kroy when she wrote: “Meanwhile my husband and I sit back and laugh!”

A source close to the couple exclusively told that despite Elizabeth’s claims, Kim and Kroy are not having marital problems.

“They are solid, very happy with each other,” the source said about the Don’t Be Tardy stars, who have two sons together, Kash and KJ Biermann.

As for the cheating claims, the source said there is nothing to them now.

“Kroy was seeing other women when he met Kim, but once he got serious with her it was over with the other girls.”

Another source who is close to the couple said that Kim might actually be worried, despite what she’s publicly saying.

“She loves this drama because it gets her attention,” the source said.

“I’m sure Kim is worried but she is always going to put on airs and pretend she’s not.”

A significant move on Kroy’s part is the fact that he filed to adopt Kim’s two older daughters, Brielle and Ariana, a move that she certainly wouldn’t have allowed if there were strains in their marriage.

Kroy even said at his baby son KJ’s christening that he loves the girls like his own.

SMH. Well for the sake of the kids we hope the marriage is solid. Hit the flip for Kim’s tweets on the subject.

She definitely seems to have a good sense of humor about life in general, don’t you think?

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