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Bossip exclusively caught up with Keshia Rudy Knight Pulliam and she quickly dismissed the rumors that she had become a sniff aficionado:

I have absolutely never ever! I’m not a cokehead, never have been. It’s so funny because I joke about it with my friends from college. I’m like man, if I had done coke, I probably would have been a lot skinnier. I look like I just need to say no to the waffle house, a couple of those years. So, that was sooo not the case what so ever. At the end of the day, people like to have something to say and it comes with the territory. My people who know me, my friends and my family, they know who I am. You can’t try to run out and combat all of the false things people say about you, because it’s impossible. It just takes so much energy away from the great, wonderful, positive things you can be doing. That’s why I said when this interview came up, I might as well address it now.

Bossip: When you came out with your provocative spread in Black Men Magazine, people wondered where you were going with your image?
Keshia: Honestly, it’s more about my work than me as a person. I just want to do great work and continue to do different projects and just enjoy life. I think people were so shocked because it was a tasteful spread that I did in Black Men Magazine. You know, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating your sexuality and your femininity as a woman. Because people had identified with me so much as “Rudy,” as a ten year old, I think it was kind of like ‘whoa’. But, what’s appropriate for me at twenty-five, would have been a lot less appropriate for me at ten. People have a hard time dealing with that. But, I think it’s all apart of coming into your own and celebrating your womanhood .

Bossip: What’s the scoop on Madea Goes to Jail?
Keshia: Well, the one thing that Tyler does, is that he takes messages and movies that have redemption and a “getting from nowhere to somewhere” kind of story and fuses it with comedy. My character Candi is on the street and she’s a prostitute. She’s a heroin addict and her and Madea meet in jail. It’s really a story about choices. It could be one choice that separates us from going down a path like Candi. It’s her evolution and her story.

Bossip: Doing anything else soon?
Keshia: Right now I’m really focusing on my production company, Pullpenn productions. We’re working on some projects that are going direct to web in addition to some projects for network. One of our shows that should be airing is a relationship talk show called ‘Butt-naked and Bubbles’. We said hey, there are no young couples talking. You have this arbitrary old white woman, pointing out toys and talking about sex. Which is also almost funny. It’s more comical than an actual real perspective. It’s not just about sex, it’s more about the relationship aspect.

We’re sure her role as a drug addict will be precise and very realistic… We kid, we kid. Butt-naked and Bubbles, eh? Sounds like a good time. Is it just us or did milk do her body damn good? Peep the pics below.



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