Big Women Have Beef with Star Jones

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A Detroit organization called ‘Full and Fabulous’ claims Star Jones did them dirty after the knifed-up television host failed to appear at a scheduled charity event. They bought Star a plane ticket to Detroit but claim she used the trip to party with Al during Superbowl weekend and to plug her book.

Star’s people released the following statement against the “Full and Fabulous” non-profit organization to TMZ:

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Wilson and this for-profit Expo has chosen to so gravely distort the facts surrounding this speaking engagement for their benefit. Ms. Jones’ lecture agency William Morris was contacted on April 18, 2005 to have her speak at an Expo on February 4, 2006 for $25,000. Per the accepted terms of the deal a deposit was to be issued by the organizers on July 4, 2005 with the balance being submitted 48 hours prior to the scheduled travel date.”

Star is making it rain on them ‘full and fab’ hoes with her ‘knifed-up and fab’ look. Maybe they’re jealous of her new knifed up body, with that ‘I had 200 pounds sucked out look.

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  • Nice

    She looks like the undead. All ashy and sucked in. yuck.

  • My Business

    This sounds like a blog for its6amhoegetup! Boy I tell you hes gonna really enjoy this one! LOL


    nasty…just nasty

  • Royal Chocolate

    She actually looks better in the 1st pic.


    Star was UGLY then and she is STILL UGLY! HER HEAD IS TOO DAMN BIG!!!!!

  • mooreperfect

    Well she may be an ugfug but she most deflee looks a lot better than she did. I an extra happy that she got the weight off that was not healthy.

  • 4Josiah

    LMAO @ Tee Tee. That’s the same thing I was gonna say!

  • MahoganyRouge

    I’m all for losing weight and getting into shape for all women. I do not think surgery is necessary in most cases. Nonetheless, Star did what works for her, so more power to her.


    The title of this BLOG is crazy BIG WOMEN will have BEEF with anything… carrots, peas, and any other food item- Star is just a side dish.

  • Yes I Said It

    Wow I forgot how huge Star was before the surgery. She looked like the black version of the Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.

  • Baby Please


    Chile, please.

    She looked much better with a bit of weight on her.

    No likey.

    Her head looks bigger and her eyes look like saucers.

  • Mary J Blige

    of course Star wants nothing to do wid those fat fools. Full and fabulous? these obese chicks need to stop lying to themselves & hit the treadmill. star looked disgusting before, altho she still ugly now

  • Afie

    No there wasn’t any jealousy from the organization, however the event was for overweight children to try and motivate them in there attempts to lose weight.

    Detroit 4 life!!!!

  • chickster

    i will never get tired of the before and after pics of this woman.

  • Bankable P

    I must have missed something. R they saying that Starr never got paid all her money and that’s why she didn’t show up?


    Is her chest ashy!!Lmao

  • K.ola

    she’s ………….. oh never mind…

  • up2nogood

    I just wish she cover up that damn chest scar she flashes around like its fabuuuuuulous.

  • Tianna

    I’m from Detroit (6 mile!) and that damn Steve guy gets on my last nerves. He’s always trying to put someone on blast. First the mayor and now Star… if she did what she did then she’s wrong but Steve still erks the hell outta me.

  • Mo'Ree

    that fist picture looks like someone stuffed a burlap sack full of potatoes and put a wig on it…an ugly wig….

  • wdstk

    She looks FABULOUS!

  • Jennifer Hudson

    Star, don’t let these haters’ get to you. You look Fabulous! And you are glowng with confident in yor new found body.

  • Jennifer Hudson

    Oops! I meant “glowing with confidence.” Sorry I must have right and left hand cramps from typing 500 post yesterday.


    but she’s a loy-ah

  • Angelia

    Star is a cheater and a liar. Anyone that would take money from children, would do anything under the sun and moon. Not only that, but she looks lumpy and bumpy. She really don’t need to wear a swimsuit ever!!!

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