Really? Man Quits His Job And Considers Suicide After Discovering He Has Brain Cancer Then Sues Hospital Over Incorrect Diagnosis

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A man finds out his cancer diagnosis is wrong after quitting his job and spending his life savings. You couldn’t make this ish up.

Man Finds Out Cancer Diagnosis is Wrong

According to The NY Daily News

A Montana man was given six months to live — so he quit his job, spent all his cash and considered blowing his brains out.

Mark Templin — in his mid-70s — sold his pickup truck, celebrated a “final” birthday, chose his funeral service and even asked his son-in-law to build him a box for his ashes.

Entering into a deep depression, he regularly broke down into tears and moved into hospice care designed for end-of-life patients.

He also prominently displayed a “Do Not Resuscitate” notice on his fridge so any first responders would let him die.

But the 2009 diagnosis of brain cancer from doctors at Fort Harrison VA Medical Center was wrong.

And this week the Helena native finally won $60,000 compensation for the serious error that made him believe for 148 terrifying days that he was dying.

The Independent Record reports that Templin underwent more tests as he started to feel better.

They revealed he had actually suffered a series of small strokes — meaning he would be around for some time to come.

U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy wrote on May 6 that pain and anguish was caused by Dr Patrick Morrow’s “negligent failure to meet the standard of care” when delivering the diagnosis.

“It is difficult to put a price tag on the anguish of a man wrongly convinced of his impending death,” Molloy wrote.

He awarded Templin $500 per day for the initial period of severe mental and emotional distress and $300 per day for the latter period until he received his new diagnosis.

The Medical Center was also ordered to repay the cost of the birthday party and funeral.

Kudos to him for holding the hospital accountable and making them compensate him for their error. How would you feel if you were in his shoes?


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