What No Make-Up Really Looks Like

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Rihanna was photographed arriving at her hotel in Paris sans the cake face, really. No eyeliner, no light foundation, no lip gloss, nothing, that fresh “I just rolled out of bed and threw these sweats on” look. Not the I’m “natural” but I’m still wearing cover-up and eyeliner look.

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  • Chillin @ Work

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Natural..

  • Nice

    She just looks a little ashen, still Ms. Piggy in the face though.

    oh damn, 1st.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mahoganyrouge MahoganyRouge

    She’s a beautiful young lady.

  • Certain

    I see no problem with this at all. Nice. I like here even more now.

  • Certain

    And is it just me, or are the links messed up? I feel like I’m stuck in a loop here.

  • oronde

    She look good to me, nice skin w/o fakeup and everything

  • Chillin @ Work

    LOL…. Naw I’m 1st……..

  • Betty B

    She’s still cute

  • http://www.gravatar.com I wonder

    She’s cute…….

  • hey

    waaaaaaaah! *jumps and down* fix the links fix the links. 😦

  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please
  • stan-b-gone

    clicking the pics take you nowhere. somebody fix this mess!

    rih is still cute!

  • t

    She is still cute without makeup..alot of ppl cant even come out their house without some form of foundation..thats how you know they are really beautiful when they are sans makeup..

  • mooreperfect

    still pretty

  • Ms. Dee (The All Powerful 1)

    Cute with minimal makeup. Good look. I would not say she has NONE on… her face still looks like its added with a little foundation, eye, and lip color. But it’s no doubt, she’s still a very beautiful girl.

  • K

    She’s beautiful au naturalle

  • Bad

    Okay she looks great and trust better than most people in the morning and minus make-up they should really throw Beyonce up here completly natural now that will be scary and without her super weave too…well less of her super weave!

  • AND...

    she looks fine. a little pale but not uglt at all. this shows that her make up doesn’t make her.

  • Kimmie

    Make up does not work miracles!! She looks the same she just doesnt have shiny lips…golden skin the same color all around…and defined lips. make up does not make you a totally different person. she is a pretty woman…any beautiful woman make up or not is gonna look pretty regardless.

  • hey

    Nov 2, 2007 – 12:59 pm t

    She is still cute without makeup..alot of ppl cant even come out their house without some form of foundation..thats how you know they are really beautiful when they are sans makeup..


    so a person can’t be beautiful AND have skin imperfections? for example, what about women with melasma from pregnancy who choose to wear concealer to cover their hyperpigmentation until it fades? are they automatically ugly no matter how beautiful they are otherwise? just askin’.

  • DeeCent

    i think its safe to say riri is STILL beautiful…everyone seems to agree…now this is a woman worth being jealous of cause i know i am GO RIHANNA!!!


    She’s cute we all know but this is not natural, she has on eyeliner, a little foundation and lip gloss. This is the Baddest Copying Chick in the game still, nothing original about riri only thing stuff looks different on her somewhat. Saw some of her show at the Boo Bomb, now she is starting to act like the old Christina Ag with the nasty cut shorts or panties or whatever just to get attention. Everyone she copies has one thing up on her and that’s talent. So when she can sing and dance like B, or carry a tune like Mary on a stage or at least play a instrument and sing like A, until then she needs to sit her but down somewhere until she is fully developed. Cause the bad reviews still comes in.

    I wanna see if the UK will turn on her like Canada did.


    @AND her make up does make her, just like it makes the rest of them, some need more and some need less, ms. no talent riri will not walk around to long like this…

  • La. Finest

    She look cute, glad she giving her face a rest. Cause she even had make-up on walking her dog in one picture I saw.

  • Shan

    I love how the first poster never types “first!” but the losers behind him or her always do! Rihanna looks normal to me..

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