Fawk A Hater: Tyler Perry Defends His Shuckin’ & Jivin’ Movies And Says He Doesn’t Pay Attention To Critics Who Blast His Films

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Does Tyler Perry make movies Black people should be proud of?

Tyler Perry Defends Films And Dismisses Critics

Tyler Perry talked about how he handles the criticism that is thrown his way and he says that the positive feedback that he gets from fans of his movies heavily overshadows the critics’ talk.

Via HuffPo Live:

“Here’s the thing about the critics, let me tell you this, I look for the truth in the critique, I honestly do. If there’s something in there that makes sense to me, I try to find and say ‘You know what, I thought that.’ But if it’s vitriolic, if it’s just venomous, I don’t pay attention to it. But for me, it’s very difficult because I have to hear the balance, right? So you have someone who says ‘This is awful, this is the worst thing I have ever seen.’ And then I’ve got a mother who’s sending me a letter saying, and these are real letters by the thousands on my Facebook page, ‘I was in an abusive relationship, I was able to get out when I saw Diary of a Mad Black Woman.’ One woman talked about having a cornea transplant and the first movie she wanted to see was mine. These are real stories that touch my heart in such a way that I’m thinking, why even pay attention to that when it’s the people that are moved and keep coming to see the films.”

Tyler Perry knows what works and what doesn’t work for his fanbase. Translation: He does not care about the opinions of old white men who aren’t going to spend money see his movies anyway.

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