Kanye Unchained: Knocked Up Kimmy Cakes Is Encouraging Yeezy To Spazz Out On Overly-Aggressive Paparazzi!

- By Bossip Staff

Let us find out Kim gets moist off of seeing her baby daddy spazz the fawk out

Kim Kardashian Encourages Kanye West To Snap On Out Of Pocket Paparazzi

According to TMZ reports:

Kim Kardashian is turning into a real bad ass … she’s telling friends she thinks Kanye West was spot on when he lunged and swore at a paparazzo in Bev Hills.

Kim — who is always impervious to the gaggle of photogs who chronicle her every move — thinks Kanye was justified when he bolted out of a restaurant and went all Incredible Hulk on an unsuspecting camera guy.

As you know … Kanye had a close encounter with a metal sign as he walked to 9021PHO, slamming his forehead UFC style with a souvenir that will probably last for a week.

Kim is telling friends … the paparazzi have become increasingly aggressive with both of them since she became pregnant. She’s especially upset because on Monday a photog chased her down while she was driving and she had to swerve into another lane to avoid him and almost got into a bad accident.

Bottom line … Kim is encouraging Kanye to take care of business when a photog crosses the line. The problem with her theory — in the case of the sign, the photogs held their distance and Kanye just didn’t look where he was going.

Kanye is already a live wire, the last thing he needs is Kimmy to put a battery in his back. Furthermore, the day ‘Ye loses it and decides to deliver a REAL fade to some over-eager shutterbug, Kim ain’t gonna do isht but cry and scream.

Sidebar: When ‘Ye feels like he’s about snap he should remember this moment.

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