H&M Hottie Beyawnsay’s Bangin’ Bawwwwwwwdy Banned At The Bus Stop!

- By Bossip Staff

Poor Bey Bey is getting hated on for doing the most in her new H&M ads. An ad at one NYC bus stop keeps getting covered up — giving the star a more modest look by shielding her bottom half.

Via Mail Online reports:

There’s no escaping the powerful allure of Beyoncé, be it on stage, in newspapers or on the side of a bus.

But it seems that the superstar’s magnetic sex appeal is a little too much for some New Yorkers, who have taken to covering up her H&M bikini ad at a Lower East Side bus stop.

Clearly feeling that getting an eyeful of the scantily clad singer is a too off-putting during the morning commute, the picture is reportedly censored on a daily basis.

Speaking to US gossip blogger Perez Hilton, one passer by noted that each morning the star’s body was obscured from view but by the end of the day it had been ripped down, only to be re-censored the next day.

Discussing the ongoing battle between the singer’s lovers and her haters that is clearly going on on the streets of NYC, the source said:

‘There is a billboard of Beyoncé at the bus stop at grand and Columbia – one of the H&M ones of her in a bikini. Every day someone tapes a cover over it, now it is opaque sheeting and every day people rip it down.’

‘You can see what is left of yesterday as the white covering at the bottom of the ad. We suspect the same modesty war that exists in Williamsburg but it is daily now,’ they added.

Thought to be due to the religious community that inhabits the area, the provocative poster has been deemed too raunchy for the streets of Manhattan.

The bus stop ad is pictured with the singer’s thighs and bikini bottoms concealed by a large plastic sheet, obscuring the H&M bikini that it’s trying to promote.

But the star herself is halfway across the world on her tour, performing in Dublin on Sunday night before jetting to Antwerp for her concert on Tuesday, instead of becoming embroiled in the New York censorship row.


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