What The Hell? Mourners Run In Disbelief As Man Awakes From The Dead At His Funeral

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“One day the dead will walk the Earth when there is no more room in hell.” The end of days is here people.

Man Awakes From The Dead At Funeral

According to Mail Online

Mourners at a funeral in Zimbabwe were stunned when the dead man woke up as they filed by his coffin, state media reported today.

Brighton Dama Zanthe, 34, was being laid to rest inside a coffin last Monday after he apparently died at his home following a long illness.

But the next day Mr Zanthe’s friends and relatives scattered in disbelief when he started moving as they filed past to say their emotional goodbyes.

The dead man’s boss Lot Gaka told the Herald of the moment he realized his employee was still alive.

He said: ‘I was the first to notice Zanthe’s moving legs as I was in the queue to view his body. This shocked me.

‘At first I could not believe my eyes but later realized that there was indeed some movements on the body as other mourners retreated in disbelief.’

Mr Gaka, who runs a bus company in the midlands city of Gweru, told the newspaper Mr Zanthe had been persistently unwell before his ‘death’ last week.

He told how he visited the family’s home to offer support when his employee’s wife called to say he had passed away.

He said: ‘Zanthe had been on sick leave for some time and everyone at work was aware that he was critical.

‘We would visit him at his home.

‘I was not surprised when I received a call from Zanthe’s wife on Monday night last week saying that her husband had died.’

He added: ‘I visited two local funeral parlors for quotations before I drove to Zanthe’s house so that we could take the body to the mortuary.

‘It was during the body viewing procession that he “resurrected”.’

Another witness told the state-controlled newspaper how the family desperately pulled blankets off Mr Zanthe’s body to try to revive him after realizing he was still alive.

He said: ‘Gaka later removed some blankets from Zanthe’s body after we noticed some movements and this was when we all realized that there was still life.

‘We then called an ambulance which came within seven minutes.

‘It’s really a miracle and most people are still in disbelief.’

Zimbabwe has been known for their zombies. What would you do if a loved one came back from the dead at their funeral?

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