Jesus Take The Wheel: Woman Admits To Shooting Her Family After 5-Year-Old And 7-Year-Old Are Found Murdered In Their Beds

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Epitome of an aint isht parent….

Woman Shoots Her Children To Death And Tries Murder Husband

A cowardly wife and mother is behind bars for shooting her husband and children in their South Carolina home.

Police found the two young children shot to death in their beds, while the husband was wounded and remains hospitalized in critical condition.

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A woman charged with shooting and killing her two young children and seriously wounding her husband at their northwestern South Carolina home told a nurse at the hospital she wanted to kill herself, but just couldn’t do it, according to arrest warrants.

Suzanna Simpson was found hurt in a wrecked pickup truck outside her family’s home in Pickens County around 6 a.m. Tuesday, deputies said. She told paramedics “OK, OK, I shot my whole family,” which sent officers rushing to the house, authorities said.

Inside, Simpson’s 5-year-old son Sawyer and her 7-year-old daughter Carly were found dead in their beds. Her 34-year-old husband Michael was wounded, investigators said, and he remains hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.

Deputies are still trying to figure out what happened and why Simpson decided to shoot her family, Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark said at a news conference.

“I can tell you honestly that we have no idea at this time,” Clark said.

Suzanna Simpson has been charged with two counts of murder and attempted murder. She is also at the hospital, but Clark would not talk about what injuries the 35-year-old mother might have suffered or how seriously she was hurt.

She appeared to be talking right after she arrived. A nurse told investigators that Simpson said, “I shot my kids, then my husband, and tried to shoot myself several times, but couldn’t do it,” according to arrest warrants.

So, she”just couldn’t do it” when it came to shooting herself, but brutally murdering her own defenseless, innocent children as they slept in their beds was doable?? We hope they put this chick UNDER the jailhouse….SMH.

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