The Come Up: Celebrities Who Went From Being Overlooked To Fine As Hell All Of A Sudden

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Celebrities Who Got Fine Out Of Nowhere

You ever hear the term “ugly duckling” as in kids who weren’t cute then grow up to blossom into a beautiful swan. These celebrities weren’t considered “ugly ducklings,” but people certainly weren’t really checking for them as far as looks.

Then, bam, they give us the goods out of nowhere.

Take a look and remember to never underestimate greatness.

Solange – did you see that Complex photo spread? In His Holy Ghost name.

Jojo – She turned thickly thick on us with the quickness.

Angela Simmons – She was the frumpy little sis who suddenly got curvy and fine.

Jennifer Hudson – She lost that weight and it was a wrap…but she could have stopped 20 pounds ago.

J lo – She was an oversight on In Living Color. Not anymore.

Janet Jackson – Remember her as Penny? Penny grew up nice.

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    Nicki Minaj – The miracle of modern surgery.

    Rock – He was a big lumpy wrestler but lades went crazy for that Hollywood body.

    Nick cannon – He was annoying and skinny as hell…but a few pushups later and he’s set. Right, Mariah?

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