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C’mon, this should be open-and-shut case, this guy looks like he owns a non-descript van with a sliding door.

NY Assemblyman Investigated For Sex Misconduct With Female Employees

Via NYDailyNews

Pervy Assemblyman Vito Lopez tormented at least eight young female employees in his Brooklyn office with an unrelenting barrage of lurid, unwanted advances — and top Assembly officials, including Speaker Sheldon Silver let him get away with it for six months, two investigations released Wednesday reveal.

Women were forced to massage his body, pressured to spend the night with him in hotel rooms, instructed to wear skimpy skirts and high heels and subjected to “forced intimate contact” as Lopez repeatedly rubbed their thighs, even as they tried to swat him away, they told investigators.

One woman was made to feel the tumors on his neck, shoulder and armpit as Lopez, who has cancer, told her he was dying and “needed” her. Another contracted pinkeye after being made to put drops into his affected eye.

Employees who gave in to Lopez’s entreaties — responding to his demands that they write him near-daily letters of praise — were promoted and given raises and lavish gifts, while those who resisted were berated, ridiculed and threatened with recriminations, including losing their jobs.

While all that is creepy and somewhat r@pey, it actually gets worse…

One ex-employee said she also heard Lopez lament the existence of statutory rape laws as he admired a 14-year-old girl working as intern in his office.

Yikes. In addition to Lopez’s investigation, there will also likely be some disciplinary action taken toward those to helped cover up his criminal behavior

“Lopez engaged in a pervasive pattern of abuse of public office and resources, not for personal financial gain, but to indulge his personal whims and desires,” the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics wrote in its stunning 67-page report.

But two shocking reports from the Ethics Commission and from Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan reveal that even when the galling conduct was brought to the attention of Silver and top Assembly lawyers, they failed to take action.

Instead, they worked feverishly to keep the details secret, exposing additional women to creepy advances from Lopez. They later issued press releases to mislead the public about why they ignored their own sexual harassment policy and declined to refer the allegations to an Assembly ethics board.

And JUST in case you weren’t 100% sold that this guy is a piece of isht…

The report detailed shocking conduct by Lopez as he brought female staff members with him on trips to Albany, Atlantic City, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, sometimes only booking a single hotel room and insisting the women bunk with him.

One woman detailed a trip to Atlantic City in which she believed Lopez was drunkenly driving on a trip home while rubbing her thigh and forcing her to massage his hand.

Another staffer said Lopez demanded that she massage his hand even after she told him she had been raped and was sensitive to personal violations.

Lopez replied that the massage was like “therapy” and that she should “stop crying. All right, rub my hand, do my hand.”

He told her to “rub it harder” as she wept.

Sadly enough, Lopez refuses to resign his position and goes on to claim that he is being attacked because he is a sick old man! No sir, you are being “attacked” because you are a freaky habitual line-stepper who can’t take “no” for an answer.

If you hit the flip you can read an excerpt of a weird and scary conversation that Lopez had with one of victims.


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