Oh Na Na: A Gallery Of Men Rihanna Has DENIED She’s Chopped Down

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Men Rihanna Denied Chopping Down

Rihanna has been romantically linked to…well…just about everyone, really. But we all know that some of those rumors are just that and nothing to really put any weight in. Rihanna isn’t banging every guy, right? At least we don’t think so.

So we’re going to clear her name a bit and mention some of the people she’s been linked to that she’s denied giving and getting the business to and from.

So take a look and see if you believe it.

Andrew Bynum – They were spotted together on a few dates but Rih Rih deaded that. We think it went down though.

JR Smith – She just put him on blast for insinuating something was going down. Even trashed the Knicks. Damn, Rih Rih.

Jay-Z – That rumor has always been around but she’s dismissed it the whole time.

Eminem – Someone on Twitter tried to say she was giving out gummies to Em, but she clapped back and let them know the deal.

Justin Timberlake – This rumor ran wild but Rih Rih denied it…and saved Timberlake’s relationship probably, too.

Colin Farrell – This was a big rumor for a while but Rihanna denied it in a GQ interview.

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    Kid CuDi – She put the end to this rumor. This is Amanda Bynes’ old boo, remember?

    Katy Perry –People thought they were kissing buddies but we don’t have any proof and Rih says they’re just buds. Drats.

    Nicki Minaj – They were so close that people thought they’d have moments of passion, but Rihanna said they were just friends who like to touch butts.

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