Caption This Pic Full Of Pooch Preciousness

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This woman rescued this dog and saved his life. Of course, he can’t talk…but this picture says it ALL!

Dog Embraces Rescue Worker Who Saved Him

Even dogs have their way of saying ‘thank you’…..

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You often hear anecdotes of animals being able to experience and express humanlike emotions, and we sometimes see signs of this in our own pets.  This would be one of those times.

Eva Armstrong, a director of Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, heads a volunteer-run rescue group that has saved more than 800 dogs to date.

On a recent trip to a high-kill “shelter” in Alabama, volunteers rescued a dachshund they named Captain Morgan because he had only one eye.

The night he was rescued, Captain Morgan slept at the foot of Eva’s hotel bed. She took care of him until he was adopted by a family months later.

Then, last week, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue held a “reunion” where Captain Morgan and Armstrong were reunited … and the photo says it all.

A picture of the two of them in a warm embrace quickly went viral.

Captain Morgan, now called Cappy by his adopted family, rests his head on Armstrong’s shoulder, seeming to smile as if this is the best moment ever.

Too cute! How would you caption this?

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