Classy: 9 People Who Were Proud To Be Side Pieces

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9 Proud Side Pieces

Traditionally we think of side pieces as people who should be ashamed of themselves. They try to break up relationships and are bastions of existence.
But these celebrities don’t care.

They are side pieces who brag about it. Is this really something to be happy about? Oh well…

Here are some side pieces who are way too proud of themselves.

Superhead – She wrote an entire book about being a side piece. Enough said.

Rihanna – She was happy to be Breezy’s side piece while he was with Karrueche and it was all good. She won in the end. Oh, wait….

Drake – He’s bragged about chopping down Rih Rih to Chris Brown and delights in chopping down other people’s women.

Jay-Z – He bragged about chopping down Nas’ boo Carmen behind his back. Not gangsta.

Angelina Jolie – She snatched Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston and yolo’d her way through.

Alicia Keys – She was proud to be Swizz Beatz’s side piece and he eventually put a ring on it.

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    Karrueche – Karr bear was tossing and turning with Breezy while he had apparently moved on with Rihanna. Sigh. Will this ever end?

    Tupac – He bragged about chopping down Biggie’s wife behind his back. No wonder they took it too far.

    Olivia Pope – Oh yeah. We see you, boo. We see you.

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