Minister Louis Farrakhan Urges Black Folks In Detroit To Put Their Money Together To Buy The City Back!

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Farrakhan and his bright ideas…

Louis Farrakhan Wants Blacks In Detroit To Buy The City Back

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Speaking Thursday in a Detroit church to about 250 religious and community leaders, minister Louis Farrakhan urged unity among African Americans and called on them to buy up property in Detroit.

“We don’t have a lot of money,” Farrakhan said of African Americans. “But we have about 500 to 600 thousand blacks” still in Detroit.

“If we would unite, we could choose what part of downtown we want,” he said. “Don’t let them drive you out of those homes.”

Farrakhan, a Muslim who heads the Nation of Islam, preached a conservative message of self-reliance and family values coupled with black empowerment as he defended himself against charges he’s hateful and anti-Semitic…

While most of his talk was about religion, Farrakhan outlined an economic plan of having about 150 pastors “pool our resources,” to purchase land and buildings. “You could buy all those run-down buildings.”

And then, “let’s go sell it and take some of that money and give it to the young people.”

He told the largely Christian crowd they shouldn’t be afraid to stand firm on moral issues and challenge power.

“Jesus wasn’t loved,” Farrakhan said. “He challenged Roman authority. … He was dealing with hypocrisy.”

It’s not that Farrakhan’s idea is bad, but we’re just not sure that people who’s resources are already limited will want to put money into the honorable Minister’s scheme plan.

Farrakhan also spoke on gay issues in the black church:

Speaking at New Destiny Christian Fellowship Church in Detroit, Farrakhan urged Christian pastors to stay true to the teachings of the Bible and not compromise on such issues as gay marriage. He quoted frequently from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus as he told the crowd that Detroit can rebuild itself only if its people are grounded in good morals…

Farrakhan said “I got friends who are homosexual,” but he rejected the idea that men are born gay, comparing gay sexual activity to adultery and fornication. He also blasted Hollywood and rappers who “glorify ghetto life,” saying “you sold your soul” for money.

Never a dull moment when this guy is around.

What do you think of the Minister’s bright idea?

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