Prescription Peen: Doctor Advises Patient To Give Her Husband Sloppy-Toppy To Treat Her Gag Reflex

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Mouth-to-meat medical advice straight from the doctor: priceless.

Doctor Suggests Patient Orally Satisfy Husband To Treat Gag Reflex

A California physician has been reprimanded by the medical board and continues to face backlash after one of his female patients revealed that the doctor suggested that doming her husband off twice a week would help treat her gag reflex.

via Huffington Post

J. Peter Zegarra, a California doctor, has been publicaly reprimanded by the state’s medical board after he told a patient to practice oral sex on her husband. The patient had expressed concerns her gag reflex would interfere with an upper-gastrointestinal endoscopy, according to CBS affiliate KOVR.

The patient, an unidentified woman, complained that the Sacramento-based colo-rectal surgeon told her to practice oral sex on her husband “twice a week” prior to the procedure as a way of allaying the reflex.

According to CBS Sacramento, Zegarra made the suggestion in front of the woman and her husband “several years ago.” The station also noted Zegarra had tried twice to expunge the complaint from the public record. Zegarra’s name appears on a summary of administrative actions taken by the California board of medicine in 2007.

CBS Sacramento reports that a spokesperson for the state board of medicine called the doctor’s suggestion inappropriate, even if it was meant as a joke.

In the words of Nelly Mo: “Aw, he just playin’…unless she gone’ do it!”

Ladies, would you be offended if your doctor advised you to let your husband poke you in the mouth with his peen to treat your gag reflex?


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