Yeezy Gone Crazy: 7 Burning Questions About Kanye, Kim K. & “New Slavery”

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Kanye recently morphed into the Rap Strangé right before our eyes during his wildly-creepy SNL performance. It’s easy to blame Kimmy K. for his insanity but, at this point, no one knows who Kanye West is anymore. Always controversial and epic, we were left with several unanswered questions about the leather kilt-wearing weirdo, Kimmy and “New Slavery.”

Here are seven burning questions about Kanye, Kim K. & “New Slavery.” Take a look.

How long after Kim has the baby will Kanye stay before she officially becomes a single mother? Will Kanye snatch the baby from her arms and scamper out of the hospital?

We’re really going to allow this self-obsessed fame monster to complain about the shackles and chains of fame like he didn’t knock up a Kardashian? “New Slave” in leather capris with a pregnant white Goddess on his arm? Really, Ye?

“I keep it 300 like the Romans” – “Black Skinhead”

Fun Fact: There aren’t any Romans in the movie “300”—not one, anywhere, at any moment, ever—because Spartans are Greek, not Roman.

How much longer are people going to tolerate Kanye’s pompous fake-deepery? Does it matter that “Deep” Yeezus never gets his facts straight?

New Slave. Black Skinhead. I Am A God. Provocative philosophies and spooky images. But you don’t know basic world history? New album SHOULD be titled: “The Miseducation of Kanye West.”

Kanye cheating on Kimmy with Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci in France?

For months, rumors of Yeezy creeping with “close friend” Riccardo Tisci have swirled and lingered. It’s true that he’s spent most of Kim’s pregnancy across the world in Paris (probably on purpose) but a secret Euro-swirly gay affair? All rumor, zero truth.

Does Kanye only care about the baby and not Kim?

Yeezy forgot how to smile and walked into street signs during the most miserable celebrity pregnancy ever. So, at this point, it just seems like he wants his lil swirly God or Goddess and nothing else.

What’s next for Kimmy after Kanye abandons her in the hospital?

Kris Jenner is probably already planning Kimmy’s “Yeezy Left Me” promo tour, scheduling exclusive interviews, finalizing book deals and a reality special. If this happens, she’ll be the new Jennifer Aniston.

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    Why doesn’t anyone intervene and save Yeezus from himself? It’s obvious that he’s fighting inner-demons (his mother passing) that only therapy or time away from the flashing lights can heal.

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