Hottest Lacefront in the Game

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is the cover of the upcoming issue of Ebony Magazine with child lover Michael Jackson. 25 years after Thriller and this guy is still trying to make a comeback. Maybe he should just start a company selling lacefront wigs, his thangs be on point for real.

His face looks like it might buckle in any day now (See thumbnail). Yikes.

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  • .seco

    Let that man do what he does…wig or not, his music is still on point.

  • Harlem Chic

    I’m a eighties baby. I love Mike jack.

  • Reggie Bush

    Hottest lacefront in the GAME.

    P.S. Take lessons BEYONCE!

  • kenya

    he lock like a japan’s boy

  • me

    you know what…i’ma save that picture so i can show my stylist. thats exactly how i want my hair. that wig is on point!!! nice and thick, full and the layers add depth.way to choose a wig mike!!!

  • Bryant's Gyrl

    I will never understand why Michael mess up his skin up like that….25 yrs ago he was beautiful..Now I don’t know what say about him.Such a shame

  • mivida

    They should have put on the cover the many faces of MJ over the last 25 years

  • Mary J Blige

    guess he’s the ivory to their Ebony! ROFLMBAOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! LMFAOOOOOO!!!!!!

    all my love,


  • leah

    lol at tone’n’ fade

  • Candy Barr

    Michael doesn’t even want to be Black, so I don’t know why Ebony is doing this piece . . . Telling of the times. Besides libraries around the country getting it, I don’t see Black folks picking it up anymore.

  • Deborah

    MJ is amazing, too much hate going around. Even after no evidence to support the claims, the boys mother arrested for fraud and his home raid coming up empty, people are still after him. Wow, they were pretty serious about preventing him rivaling that drunkard/druggy Elvis and I guess they succeeded. His music is great and everyone has been influenced by him/or tried to mimic him. His music is timeless.

  • im_unique


  • fruitloop

    His skin colour is far healthier than usual. He’s as white as a ghost. And to think he was a good looking guy before he turned himself another colour. Idiot

  • So What

    Wow. See, this is what low self-esteem does to you.

  • It'smesuprise

    i love michael jackson, so glad to see him out of seclusion!!!!!!!!!!

  • bria

    That last album he had out with the butterfly song on it was really nice. He had about 6 or 7 cuts on it. And, let’s face it in this day and age that is a big deal.

    Whatever you may think about him he is a musical icon. There is not an artisit out now who will ever catch up to the things that he has done. He still makes great music.

  • Erika

    You know I normally don’t buy Ebony but I may purchase this issue. I can’t help but giggle when I see his picture.

  • MiSS. Am i HiGH aka PERSEPHANY

    There isn’t nothing negative I can say about him that anyone hasn’t already said.

  • I Stay SMH

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I can’t even read the story! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I clicked the title and was NOT expecting to see him!



  • BETH

    when thriller came out i bought 3 copes which means i’m old and your older hang it up

  • Kay

    There are no words…..I remember how I used to LOVE MJ!!! My sister and I would argue over who was better, Prince or Michael!! I always chose Michael…..Damn shame what Papa Joe did to him!

  • wdstk

    I cant believe Ebony chose to put a white woman on the cover, there are plenty of beautiful black queens who deserve that cover, like Mary J Blige. Mary you crack me up!

  • y

    this guy is in the top 2 biggest embrassments of the black race. whenever i look at him i am ashemed to be a black person cuz he verifies every fact of what white superiority is. when we black people are still strugling to be respected irregardless, there is people like him who just put us a step back. i dont normally hate so much, but M J needs to die and go to hell then maybe the shame of what he represents decreases. i cant even come close to understand why he would lighten his skin. what a disgusting person he is. god i hate him becuz he makes me hate myself.

  • y

    and stop blaming his father or anything else for his stupidity, he made a CHOICE to be what he is. people went through much much worse atrocicies than him but they rose above it to be what they are today.what is his bloody excuse then. lets stop making excuses for people like of him, lets stop blaming everybody else than ourselves and for petes sake lets us rise as race, why are we so suprised by rascism when we have have not proven that we can be better than ghetto fabulous. lets wake up and smell the coffe for once.

  • dismymoney

    . . . but his hair sho looks good! One of the best kept up weaves, EVAH!!

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