Fact Checks: 7 “Breaking News” Stories We All Believed Before They Got Proven Wrong

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Internet Stories We Believed Prematurely

The Internet is full of crazy stories. They’re all about rumors and “breaking news” we hear and believe for a whole day before someone close to the situation comes through and tells us that what we thought was true wasn’t.

From pregnancy rumors to marriage proposals, these stories were huge and we all reacted before we found out they didn’t happen. Oh well…

Here are some crazy stories we all thought were true.

Will and Jada Divorce – The news had reported them as being divorced a few years ago but they didn’t…though they were allegedly close.

Lil Wayne Is Dying – TMZ reported that Wayne was on his death bed after his seizure. Oops.

Beyonce is Pregnant…Again – We all thought Blue Ivy was having a little brother or sister but that turned out not to be the case according to Hov.

Chris Brown and Rihanna Are Getting Married – The news was reporting that Breezy had gotten the ring for Rihanna but that didn’t materialize.

Blue Ivy’s Hospital – News reports stated that Beyonce had a decked out hospital room for Blue Ivy but they shot that down with the quickness.

Kimye Split – This was all but confirmed a couple of months back but they seem to still be together and unhappy.

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    Mark Cuban Won The Lottery – This was wildly reported yesterday but it was from a joke site. Read the fine print.

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